Rivalry (2022)

A business battle between two superpowers leads Anawin and Milin to face each other as “rivals”, a game where everyone bets on dignity. A game where everyone has to trade, have to choose, have to deceive in order to reach the finish line. It was a game that made her heart and he tremble with the fire of desire.

Drama: Rivalry
Native Title: เกมปรารถนา
Also Known As: Game Prattana
Genres: Business, Romance, Drama, Family
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 10
Airs: Jan 26, 2022 – ?
Airs On: Wednesday, Thursday
Original Network: Channel 3

Main Cast:

Nychaa Nuttanicha Dungwattanawanich,Alek Teeradetch Metawarayut


The battle between “Wirayawanich” and “Theerakijkankul” is intense from the father’s generation to the son’s generation. Because it looks like the DNA of resentment will come directly to Milin Wirayawanich and Anawin Theerakitkankul. An important heir to a family that has been each other’s number one rival since they can remember,

Milin and Anawin have lost and won several times. But there was never a time that made Anavin feel so defeated.

During a heated charity polo match, Anavin ‘s father, Prama, learns that his company is on the verge of bankruptcy. Thus, he had a sudden heart attack and became a sleeping prince overnight. But what Anavin was most hurt that night was probably knowing the reason why .famous actress Even having broken up with him 1 year ago, the reason for that is that she intended to leave him in order to marry Pe , the magnate of the Virayavanich family. The great enemy of the Anawin family.

Pee and Wianna’s lightning wedding announcement did not only upset Anawin. It also includes Milin. Because Milin was sure that Wianna married her father because of money. not for love Milin began to stare at Wianna every step of the way. because he couldn’t bear to see this woman fooling his father for one more day. On the other hand, Anawin was in trouble.

He had to find 300 million to pay off his debts within 1 day. The story became even more complicated because Milin intervened endlessly. But Anawin gets a chance to recapture Milin, who was drunk at the pub. with just having an argument with Pee until he got a big slap in the face So Anawin secretly carried the unconscious Milin back home.

Milin woke up this morning to face a heavy shock. In such a state that she likely accidentally had a one-night stand with her rival Anawin. The men’s story has not yet been cleared. Milin had migraines because of his father’s woman as soon as he got home. Milin is furious that Wianna changes everything in the house without permission. So she splashed paint on Wianna uncontrollably. Milin thought that Wianna wouldn’t dare to retaliate.

It appears that Wianna splattered Milin back like an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Milin saw that Wianna was smarter than she thought. She knows when to fight and when to be silent. More importantly, Milin found that she couldn’t read this woman at all once. That made Milin convinced that Wianna had something to hide under those eyes.

The battle between stepmother and stepdaughter officially begins. When Pee announces it will lift the position of CEO to those who can sign contracts with. “Boon Leang Farm” is the best chicken farm in the country. Wianna saw the opportunity to show her potential as a business woman and therefore asked to compete. Without knowing how much Milin wanted this position.

A lot has to be exchanged for this position. all the time Milin devoted herself and her heart to proving her father’s acceptance of her. Even having to compete with her good brother Phakin until there is almost no brotherhood left And also have to deal with Janice, the viper sister-in-law who is a hypocrite who likes to secretly stab in the back. Therefore, she would never allow anyone to take this position from her.

Wianna and Milin compete to outsmart each other to win their hearts. ‘Uncle Boonliang’, the owner of the farm, the competition is not as smooth as you think. Because the two girls have to compete with Anavin who is aiming to buy this farm as well. For Anawin, the business battle was not difficult.

But facing an ex-lover like Wianna is very difficult. Only Wianna and Anawin met each other’s eyes and knew that neither side could forget each other. They both tried to mask each other like strangers. But in the end, the person who couldn’t resist was Anawin.

which could not escape from the sight of Milin who was staring at Wianna Milin hurries to sue Pee that Wianna had been in a relationship with Anawin in the hopes of getting rid of Wianna immediately.

But then the last straw of Milin and Pee was torn. When Wi-anna takes the position of CEO, Milin is very sad. She argued with Pee to the point of cutting off her father and son. It’s hot to Amata .

Pee’s mother has to go out by herself. Amata thinks that Wianna is the cause of the father and son separation and seeks to eliminate Wianna from the family. By uncovering Wianna’s notorious past that no one expected. Milin wants his father to repent of choosing a new wife instead of his daughter.

So he invited Anawin to open a delivery company to defeat his father. Anawin immediately shakes hands with Milin for the sole reason to defeat Pey. The man who took the woman he loved with all his heart

Milin and Anavin use slash tactics to harm Pee’s business. Debuts that they are in a relationship to hurt Pee mentally. Wianna believes that Anawin still loves herself. He assured Pei that this was only revenge, but as time went by, the role became too realistic.

Because Milin has a top secret that no one knows. That is, she has always had a crush on her enemy Anavin. But how can Milin’s love come true? When she realized that in Anavin’s heart there was still Wianna. More importantly, the hostility of the two families might make this love impossible at all.

This is a competitive game where “life” and “dignity” are wagered, so don’t trust anyone’s “words” or “actions” . because every competition every wish It’s always a game and a game changer.

How will the destination of this game end? Follow in the “Desire Game” broadcast every Wednesday-Thursday at 8:30 p.m. on Channel 3, press 33, starting the first battle on Wednesday, January 26, 2022.

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