rama: Koi no Yamai to Yarougumi Season 2 (2022)

rama: Koi no Yamai to Yarougumi Season 2 (2022)

Native Title: 恋の病と野郎組 Season2
Also Known As: Class Crush , 恋の病と野郎組 Season2 , 恋の病と野郎
Screenwriter: Kawabe Yuuko
Genres: Comedy, School, Youth, Drama
Country: Japan
Episodes: 10
Airs: Jan 24, 2022 – Feb 28, 2022
Airs On: Monday
Original Network: NTV
Duration: 26 min.

Main cast:

Takahashi Yuto,Kawasaki Koki,Nakamura Reia,Oriyama Nao,Igari Soya,Iwasaki Taisho


Season1 Wakasa Daiichi High School, 2nd grade G group, commonly known as “guy group”. Despite being supposed to be a co-school, there were only boys in the class. And eight students of the bastard group had developed “a disease that they couldn’t talk to girls” because they were in the boys’ class. To cure “a disease that I can’t talk to girls”, and hopefully to make her! The story of the eight people’s eastern west run youth begins.

Season2 The members of the bastard group who have been promoted to the 3rd grade will be sent to the boys-only class again as the 3rd grade G group bastard group. And again, he had developed a “disease that he could not talk to girls”. Meanwhile, I learned that the rumors that “the seniors of the bastard group are actually popular” are flowing to the juniors who became the G group bastard group for the second year. In order to really make a rumor and to make her this time, the eight members of the bastard group stand up again.


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