RaiRaiRaise Demo Chanto Shimasu (2021)

RaiRaiRaise Demo Chanto Shimasu (2021)

I will do it properly in the next world ” (I will do it properly in Raise) is a Japanese four-frame manga by Itsuma – chan .

Serialized in ” Grand Jump ” ( Shueisha ) from the 5th issue of 2018. Also published in the company’s “Grand Jump Mecha” and “Grand Jump Mucha”.

A comedy about sexual life centered on women who work for CG production companies . The abbreviation is ” Afterlife-chan ” [Note 1] . The number of stories is indicated by the 0th shot.

From January 9, 2020, it will be made into a TV drama on TV Tokyo ‘s ” Drama Parabi “

Drama: RaiRaiRaise Demo Chanto Shimasu
Native Title: 来来来世でもちゃんとします
Also Known As: I Will Do It Properly in the Afterlife
Genres: Comedy
Country: Japan
Episodes: 3
Aired: Aug 25, 2021 – Sep 8, 2021
Original Network: Paravi


Uchida Rio,Ota Rina,Koseki Yuta,Goto Takenori,Tobinaga Tsubasa,Goto Yutaro


Set in the CG production company “Studio Delta”, a sexually addicted girl, Momoe Omori , a hidden virgin gal, Ume Takasugi , a handsome handsome guy, Ken Matsuda , a virgin kitchen’s second virgin, Masaru Hayashi, and a soap lady in love with Hiyama .

It depicts the ecology of sexually agitated people such as Towol .


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