Qingshi Chongfei Season 2 (2021)

Qingshi Chongfei Season 2 (2021)

“The Second Season of the Favorite Concubine” is a TV series directed by Jin Jinjia and starring Zhu Yiwei, Fan Ruixue, Xu Yixuan, Zhou Rongqian, Cha Yi, Mu Qing, Liu Zhiwei and Han Yanxi.

Drama: Qingshi Chongfei Season 2
Native Title: 倾世宠妃 第二季
Also Known As: The Favored Concubine Season 2 , Qingshi Chongfei Di Er Ji
Genres: Historical, Comedy, Romance
Country: China
Episodes: 21
Aired: May 24, 2021
Aired On: Monday
Original Network: Youku
Duration: 2 min.


Zhu Yi Wei,Fan Rui Xue,Cha Yi


There are several princesses in Zhao Moxuan’s mansion, King Jing, with different personalities. King Jing favors one of them, Princess Yi, because she has a gentle and kind personality and never fights with others. Concubine Yi also loves King Jing and is devoted to him. Concubine Yi is gentle and virtuous.

She is often sympathetic to the people in the house and never beats or scolds them. This made the queen mother who came to play in the palace very much appreciate it, so that King Jing made Concubine Yi the concubine.

The other princesses tried their best to murder Princess Yi out of jealousy. In order to maintain the tranquility of the palace, Princess Yi tolerated everything until she was repeatedly persecuted before starting to fight back, eliminating the princesses who harmed others and herself in the palace.

The favor of Princess Yi not only attracted the hatred of the concubine, but even King Cheng was jealous of King Jing, thinking that King Jing was inferior to himself, but he was proud of himself everywhere.

King Cheng sought to usurp the throne with the aim of killing King Jing and marrying Princess Yi as his queen.

In the face of all kinds of difficulties, King Jing resolutely loves Princess Yi, even in the moments of life and death, she still does not abandon her. Similarly, when King Jing faced a difficult situation, Princess Yi wisely cracked to find a way out, allowing King Jing to gain time and finally win.


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