Put Your Head on My Shoulder (2021)

Put Your Head on My Shoulder (2021)

Drama: Put Your Head on My Shoulder
Native Title: อุ่นไอในใจเธอ
Also Known As:
Director: Oat Vatanyu Ingkavivat
Screenwriter: Kak Supicha Anantachat, Phitchada Thapsuk
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Youth, Drama
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 20
Aired: Sep 26, 2021 – Oct 17, 2021
Aired On: Monday, Sunday
Original Network: WeTV
Duration: 44 min.


Kaimuk Nilawan Ia
Chimon Wachirawi
New Thitipoom Tac


In 2021, almost all social media channels in China and Thailand have to avoid the popular trend of the series ‘ Put Your Head On My Shoulder ‘ in both ratings and views, becoming a dark horse in the industry. overnight chinese series Because the lead actor at that time was just a new rising star, not a big number in the industry.

But with the current that is too strong to push the phenomenon of the birth of the Queen Lin Yi and Qing Fei, and resulting in both of them now become a couple who play in every story.

Let me explain the strength of the phenomenon of ‘ Put Your Head On My Shoulder ‘ series that is very popular in China. Because just releasing a teaser on Weibo within 5 days, the total number of views exceeded 21 million, which is due to the phenomenon of popularity towards the series ‘

Warm Ai In Her Heart ‘ in the Chinese version in 2019, thus making Chinese series fans are interested in the return of ‘ Put Your Head On My Shoulder ‘ remake version. Including grabbing an idol actor like New-Thitipoom Techapaikhun to play the heroine Including the ultimate surprise at the end of the teaser with Lin Yi’s appearance with a smile that makes the girls’ hearts melt, many people can’t help but think that we might see an appearance. Of Lin Yi in ‘ Warm Ai In Your Heart, Put Your Head On My Shoulder ‘, version 2021 can also be!


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