Ply Friends: Seoyeon University Class of '22 (2022)

Ply Friends: Seoyeon University Class of ’22 (2022)

Drama: Ply Friends: Seoyeon University Class of ’22
Native Title: 플렌즈 서연대 22학번 편
Also Known As: Peullenjeu Seoyeondae 22hagbeon Pyeon
Genres: Romance
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 1
Aired: Mar 4, 2022 – ?
Aired On: Friday


Choi Hyo Zu
Choi Hee Seung


Playlist’s new work ‘Friends Seoyeon University 22nd Edition’ is a work that deals with the story of young people growing up through unrequited love that everyone experiences at least once.

In the play, Choi Hee-seung plays Kim Min-woo, the president of Refill, a cafe located in front of Seoyeon University. Contrary to his blunt appearance, Minwoo, who is loyal and thoughtful, is a person who voluntarily takes on a solo career after experiencing the pain of numerous unrequited love. As such, he is expected to bring fun and vitality to the entire play as he pursues the first love of Go Hae-bom (Choi Hyo-joo), a part-time cafe student.

Choi Hee-seung, who worked with all seasons of ‘Love Playlist’, drew the attention of viewers with her delicious acting skills. In particular, he realistically depicts his unrequited love for his friend Han Jae-in (Lee Yoo-jin), and expectations are high what kind of performance he will perform through this work, which aroused the sympathy of many male friends.

Meanwhile, the playlist drama ‘Friends Seoyeon University 22nd Edition’ starring actor Choi Hee-seung will be released on YouTube next month.


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