Pleng Bin Bai Ngiw (2022)

Pleng Bin Bai Ngiw (2022)

Drama: Pleng Bin Bai Ngiw
Native Title: เพลงบินใบงิ้ว
Also Known As: Cheating Spouse
Screenwriter: Waasuthep Ketpetch
Director: Nui Suttasit
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 10
Aired: Jan 8, 2022 – ?
Aired On: Saturday, Sunday
Duration: 47 min.

Main cast:

Golf Anuwat Choocherdratana,Wawwa Nicha Chokprajakchat,Peak Pattarasaya Kreursuwansiri,Pae Arak Amornsupasiri,Chaleeda Gilbert,Janis Janistar Phomphadungcheep


Naewprai , a young businessman who is having problems withhis beautiful wife, Yuanta . Initially, they were in love with and fascinated by the perfection of a social woman who was filled with the hot charm of Ewanta. that ordinary men One like him married Yuanta. So it’s no different from picking a sky flower to occupy.
while Yuanta had a good man very rich, many faces are entangled But she chooses to marry the pristine line. because he felt that he was strange and different from other men passing through The reality is that Yuanta intends to be sarcastic Yothi .his rich and influential father because Yothi tries to come in and arrange her life Change her to the way you want. Even intended for Yuanta to marry a good man. that Yothi chooses Marriage It was something that Yothi was unexpected and dissatisfied with. but as time passed Naprai then proved himself to Yothi that he was a serious, hardworking person until Yothi trusted him to help take care of many businesses.

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As for Yuanta, although married Still acting like a glorious social girl all around He doesn’t like to work because he doesn’t want to be stressed and sees that there is a primitive line to help his father work. In his role as a wife, Yuanta still wants to be free and talks to many men. without caring about how Prai feels Nao Phrai had endured for so long that he realized that he wanted to divorce Yuanta to know and know that he would survive. because he felt that his family life was not happy conflict all the time Naprai wants to have children But Yuanta doesn’t want to Yuanta likes to go to drinking parties until late at night. Everything in life doesn’t seem the same.

Song flying leaves opera
Another family , Kaew cradle, a young woman who was bright and light-hearted, was raised by her mother as cherished as an egg in a stone, fell in love with Chomthong with ease. Jomthong was also the first man to enter the narrow world of a glass cradle, making her feel as though he was taking her out to freedom. After being given a life frame by his mother Without her knowing that under Chomthong’s good-looking mask lies a sly and selfishness. Because Chomthong only wanted to marry her for the hope of wealth.
Jomthong Lorry GaysornMother of glass cradle with the image and profile of a future lawyer. Chomthong used her knowledge and legal career to help Gaysorn’s real estate business, which made her a huge profit. Gaysorn agrees that Jomthong will help take care of the glass hammock. Therefore, their marriage was born with satisfaction from all parties. Only Katlee , the close cousin of the Kaew cradle, felt Chomthong’s unreliability. Mime Sang Nuan , Chomthong’s former lover, disagreed and was suffering. with this marriage

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