Pifu De Nixi (2022)

Pifu De Nixi (2022)

“Piv’s Counterattack” is an urban novel serialized on 17K Novel Network. The author is Xiaoqi School. This book is about what it feels like to be one man against the whole world, constantly fighting back. The protagonist has done many occupations, and he always has hope and believes in justice in the ups and downs.

Drama: Pifu De Nixi
Native Title: 匹夫的逆袭
Also Known As: Pi Fu De Ni Xi
Genres: Life, Drama
Country: China
Episodes: 1
Aired: 2022 – ?

Main cast:

Liu Jiang


The old policeman who is terminally ill, the private detective who does everything he can for baby milk powder and mortgage loans, the mysterious killer who is haunted, the three people’s targets are the uncle and loli renting in the rented house in the urban-rural fringe, the rainstorm is coming The previous evening, everyone stood at the fork in the fate, who is the ally, who is the enemy, whether to slaughter at the neck or the Jedi counterattack, Liu Handong, the black car driver with no way out, faced the final choice.


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