Physical Therapy (2022)

Physical Therapy Director: Peak Peemapol Panichtamrong, Andy Rachyd Kusolkulsiri And Airs: Jan 23, 2022 – Apr 10, 2022

Drama: Physical Therapy
Native Title: ผมปวดกาย นายปวดใจ
Also Known As: Physical Therapy the Series , Phom Puuad Kaai Naai Puuad Jai
Director: Peak Peemapol Panichtamrong, Andy Rachyd Kusolkulsiri
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 12
Airs: Jan 23, 2022 – Apr 10, 2022
Airs On: Sunday
Original Network: GMM One

Main Cast:

Son Ravisut Patipatvasin,Petch Jakkaphet Phiban,Tuang Savika Kanjanamas,J-Dai Setthasitt Limkasiddej,Darran Zeththinich Chanavarasutthisiri,Folk Warattapob Wasinwasukul


out of curiosity that the handsome doctor who had just met It’s the same person who made his best friend heartbreak. And fled to rest abroad, never to return to Thailand again, causing Milk (Sun Rawisut) to find a way to get hurt so that he can meet with Doctor Yang (Fourth Waratpop) again.

And Milk got hurt as intended. was carried as a patient to the Very Great Wellness Center, at the same time that Ms. Rose (Daran Settinich), the center’s owner, assigned work to Tim (Jedi Sethasit) and the creative team. Milk’s friends came in to make a major renovation of the center’s image.

During his stay, Milk meets the Spin Doctor (Petch Chakphet), who is assigned by Doctor Yang to look after Milk. Of course, Milk uses the Spin Doctor as a tool to ascertain that Doctor Yang is not the same person he was with. his or not Milk has to leave work until his friends start to wonder where Milk has gone.

Until a friend comes to follow Milk at home to find that Milk has come to treat wasps at home. by having the doctor spin to take care of them closely in exchange for a certain deal

The spin doctor is the one who shows Milk that life is not for joking. While Doctor Spin has taken care of Milk’s condition until he has recovered. Milk’s heartache has to start when Ake (Kew Nattapop), Milk’s ex-girlfriend, shows up. And that’s where Milk and Dr. Spin ask themselves how they really feel about each other. Along with the past between the spin doctor and Milk gradually revealed, follow the series.

I ache body’s pain Physical Therapy The Series every Sunday at 23:15 hrs. Channel One31 and get back on AIS PLAY series , I’m aching body’s pain Physical Therapy The Series starts first Sunday at 23. January 2022


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