Peesard Saen Kol (2021)

Peesard Saen Kol (2021)

Drama: Peesard Saen Kol
Native Title: ปีศาจแสนกล
Also Known As: A Devilish Cupid
Director: Anuwat Thanomrod
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Supernatural
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 30
Aired: Aug 4, 2021 – Sep 14, 2021
Original Network: Channel 3
Duration: 45 min.


Larissa Wilmott


Prot (Boat-Tara Tipa) and Chatcharee (Lala-Larisa Misada Wilmott) help to find out where. Collecting the ashes of Thong Ho (Kiak-Wattikorn) Increase wealth Hiran) to bring the ashes to perform the spirit liberation ceremony. At the same time, Chalalai (Namfon-Patcharin Srivasuphirom), Taing (Ton-Chakkrit Ammarat) and Pilai (Muay-Ansana Buranan) also collaborated with Waikun (Kin-Karan Aramsri) and Sumontha (Pear- Apassara In Talat Chum) and Mor Phi to find a way to steal the golden spirit wrapped as their own.

Thong (Top-Daranee Nut Pasutnawin) uses Aoi to secretly follow Prot to win the ashes in the face. But gold’s plan was broken first. So Thong called to tell Chalalai to come together. Chalalai followed the monks to the temple to steal the golden relics. But it appears that the ashes are not at the temple but are at the base of the golden statue instead. Doctor Phi and the Vaikun found the wrapped golden ashes first. a conflict In the end, Thong Ho decides to go with the Vaikons instead. The monk refuses to steal the golden urn and escape. but was arrested by the Vikhun Sumontha bailed Prot out of prison and took him home. Make Chatcharee misunderstood, offended,


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