Pakarang See Dum (2022)

Pakarang See Dum (2022)

Drama: Pakarang See Dum
Native Title: ปะการังสีดำ
Also Known As: Black Coral
Genres: Horror, Drama
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 0
Aired: 2022 – ?
Original Network: Channel 3
Duration: 45 min.

Main cast:

Aimee Morakot Sangtaweep,Fair Gundon Akhazzan,Namwan Raknapak Wongtanatat,Jacqueline Muench,Au Tanakorn Posayanon,Ae Maneerat Kam-Uan


With the ratings situation of Channel 3 dramas showing concern, Channel 3 had to come up with a policy to bring famous dramas after the news to the Marine Run, starting from Nakee Chasing, Buppesanniwat, Mor Ya Tha Chalong, until arriving at Krong Karma. How good will the ratings be for Channel 3’s showpiece, but there is still a light stream from the drama fans that some dramas have just ended. not yet missed Was it brought back on air again?? And believe it or not, Channel 3 still has many interesting dramas in stock? one story but refuses to take it out on the screen TodayUndubZapp I can’t help but feel pity for all the dramas that are in the loading of Channel 3 until I want Channel 3 to try to bring these dramas to air. Let’s go see what’s going on.


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