Pak Kodi Diserang Zombie (2022) (TV3)

Watch the telefilm ‘Pak Kodi Diserang Zombie’ starring Ropie, Nabila Huda, Nelissa Nizam, Naqiu and many more this Friday at 10pm on TV3.

Mr. Kodi is Attacked by Zombies
Broadcast Time: Friday, January 21, 2022, 10:00 p.m.
Network: TV3
Script: Mohd Rohizan Ramli
Director: Faizul A Rashid
Production: Country & Universal Sdn Bhd
Cast: Ropie, Nabila Huda, Nelissa Nizam, Naqiu, Salman Al-Farisi, Issey Fazlisham, Megat Sharizal, Shah Kimin


Pak Kodi sulked with the Kampung Kalut community and moved into the house of his nephew, Alif and opened a hipster cafe. Pak Kodi’s migration to the city leaving Kampung Kalut raises a zombie-like mystery in the new area. Why can this happen? Where is the cause?

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