Our Secret (2021)

Our Secret (2021)

Drama: Our Secret
Native Title: 暗格里的秘密
Also Known As: An Ge Li De Mi Mi , Secrets in the Lattice , Our Secrets , Secret of the Secrets
Screenwriter: Joker Sun
Director: Zhang Xiao An
Genres: Romance, School, Youth
Country: China
Episodes: 24
Aired: Aug 10, 2021 – Aug 26, 2021
Aired On: Tuesday, Wednesday
Original Network: iQiyi, Mango TV
Duration: 45 min.


Chen Zhe Yuan,Rainbow Xu,Wang Ze Xuan,Wang Yi Lan,Fan Zhi Xin,Liu Zhi Wei


The superior and uninhibited campus male god Zhou Siyue ( played by Chen Zheyuan ), and the stubborn and lovely Cinderella Ding Xian ( played by Xu Mengjie ), from the mutually exclusive table, they gradually discovered each other’s advantages in their daily lives. , accompany each other through the troughs and confusions on the road of youth, and finally achieve each other’s beautiful youth story of transformation
Zhou Siyue and Ding Xian have known each other since they met each other, from sharing the table in the dew to saying goodbye to the campus.
It is a secret that Ding Xian likes Zhou Siyue. Zhou Siyue likes Ding Xian, all his good buddies know it, only Ding Xian doesn’t.
Ding Xian hasn’t had a birthday since she was eight years old, and her family can’t give her any care, because she is a girl, she is spilled water, and she is losing money. The mother’s philistine scolding is not heavy, and the younger brother is spoiled and often bullies her. Ding Xian could only make herself quiet, quiet and obedient. She studied hard and became the second person from Yanping Town to be admitted to Yansan, a key high school. She was able to meet Zhou Siyue, “You coax me at the same table.” This simple sentence started her love. Her life is only forbearance, no one will bother to coax her.
Zhou Siyue is a math genius and a scholar. The teacher likes him, many girls have a crush on him, and the school’s man of the year brings light as soon as he appears. Ordinary such as Ding Xian, she can only have a crush. She studies harder, eager to stand in the same position as Zhou Siyue. She silently hid her liking, and a girl asked her to change her seat, and she changed it. She even helped her good friend re-transcribe the torn love letter and give it to Zhou Siyue. She is humble and strong. But what she didn’t know was that when she changed seats, Zhou Siyue scratched all the books. When she gave Zhou Siyue the copy of the love letter, Zhou Siyue’s child was going to explode with anger. It didn’t matter how much he could do this.
Others say that Zhou Siyue is excellent, only she knows how difficult he is, and when Ding Xian is bullied, only Zhou Siyue protects him. The girl no longer hesitated, walked out of the haze, and bravely said it to the person she liked. The teenager became mature, no longer cared about being harsh, and learned to care about the correct way of expression. So there is a logical long-term.


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