Our Beloved Summer (2021)

Our Beloved Summer (2021)

Drama: Our Beloved Summer
Native Title: 그해 우리는
Also Known As: That Year We Are , That Year, We , Us That Year , Geu Hae Woorineun , Geu Hae Woolineun , Geuhae Urineun , Geuhae Ulineun , 그 해 우리는
Screenwriter: Lee Na Eun
Director: Kim Yoon Jin
Genres: Romance, Youth, Drama
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Aired: Dec 6, 2021 – Jan 25, 2022
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday
Original Network: Netflix, SBS
Duration: 60 min.

Main cast:

Choi Woo Shik,Kim Da Mi,Kim Sung Chul,Roh Jeong Eui,Ahn Dong Goo,Park Jin Joo


“I don’t think ‘Youth’ can shine alone. No matter how good I am, if I exist alone, wouldn’t youth be meaningless? At that time, there were people around me who looked at me and recorded me, so I think my youth looks fresh and feels vague. So the youth that I define is ‘we’. It is a theme that runs through this drama and is also the title of the drama.”

In a video interview on the 27th, writer Lee Na-eun (29) of the SBS Monday-Tuesday drama ‘That Year We Are’, which ended on the 25th, said in a video interview on the 27th, “I received a lot of comfort as I wrote the process of overcoming and growing through the two main characters in the drama.”
‘That Year We’ is about a documentary filmed in high school when they met first and last in the whole school, and the two met again and filmed a documentary as they became popular. They look delightful, but they all carry fragments of their wounds. Choi Woo-shik (Choi Woong), an illustrator who draws buildings, is afraid to be left alone in the trauma of being abandoned by her parents as a child, and Kim Dami (Kook Yeon-soo) chooses to part with Woong as her family is falling apart.
Kim Seong-cheol (Kim Ji-woong), who suffers from his unrequited love for Yeon-su and his mother’s absence, and Noh Jeong-ui (NJ), who is the top idol but longs for warm humanity in the eyes of the people around him like a thin ice sheet like the ‘curvy line’ drawn by Choi Woong. They fill in the gaps with people as if they were putting together a puzzle that fits each other. The artist said, “I have been constantly worrying about it since I was 20, love and friendship for my lover, love for my family, and dreams.
The lovely visual beauty, music, realistic dialogues, and acting as if wearing custom-made clothes harmonized even captivated overseas fans. According to ‘FlixPatrol’, a global content service ranking aggregation site, ‘That Year We Are’ ranked 9th in global dramas as of the 26th. It took first place in Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

This is the first feature-length drama for writer Na-eun Lee, who made her debut in the web drama ‘Point of Omniscient Unrequited Love’ in 2016. ‘Crazy Poetry’ surpassed 100 million views for the first time in a web drama, and became popular again with the web drama ‘Attempted Love’ in 2019, earning the nickname ‘the artisan of youth romance’.


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