Orang Minyak Kampung Lenggong (2022)

Watch the telefilm ‘Orang Minyak Kampung Lenggong’ starring Faizal Hussein on 8 January 202, Saturday at 9 pm at Astro Citra CH108.

Broadcast Time: Saturday, January 8, 2021, 9:00 p.m.
Network: Astro Citra
Script Writer: MF Kencana
Director: Dato Jurey Latiff Rosli
Production: World Evolution Brain
Actors: Faizal Hussei, Hilal Azman, Taufik Hanafi


The story of Amir who wants to get rich and asks for the help of Tok Ketua Kg Bunian on the condition that Amir is not allowed to take bribes, but he falls with the ban and he immediately becomes poor again. Amir had to do ‘something’ against 21 men who took bribes in Lenggong village for him to get his wealth back.

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