Onna no Sensou: Bachelor Satsujin Jiken (2021)

Onna no Sensou: Bachelor Satsujin Jiken (2021)

Women’s War-Bachelor Murder Case- ” (Onna no Senso-Bachelor Satsujinjiken-) was broadcast on TV Tokyo ‘s ” Satadora ” frame from July 3 to August 7, 2021 . Drama

The lead role is Yuta Furukawa , who will be the first starring TV drama in this work . All 6 episodes

Drama: Onna no Sensou: Bachelor Satsujin Jiken
Native Title: 女の戦争~バチェラー殺人事件~
Also Known As: Women’s War: Bachelor Murder Case , Onna no Senso: Bachelor Satsujin Jiken , Onna no Senso: Bachera Satsujin Jiken
Screenwriter: Yamaoka Junpei
Genres: Thriller, Comedy, Romance, Drama
Country: Japan
Episodes: 6
Aired: Jul 3, 2021 – Aug 7, 2021
Aired On: Saturday
Original Network: TV Tokyo
Duration: 30 min.


Furukawa Yuuta,Aoi Wakana,Triendl Reina,Teramoto Rio,Osaki Ichika,Kitahara Rie


Get the Bachelor ” is a romance reality show in which seven single women selected from 30,000 applicants compete for only one high-spec sergeant, Tetsuya Naruto . Participating women who continue to bargain in love to find a life companion. However, three months after the program was recorded, Tetsuya was killed by someone just before the wedding. In the story, the process leading up to the murder of Tetsuya is revealed retroactively.

Participating women who arrived at the resort facility of the Naruto Group, which is the recording place, changed into formal clothes such as dresses and kimonos and met Tetsuya for the first time on the evening of the first day of recording, and each confessed their feelings for Tetsuya. The next day, after a wood-splitting competition betting on Tetsuya’s “date time”, Reina was dismissed as a beautiful orthopedic beauty at the first “exposure time”, but the star was on the handle so that the ax of the wood-splitting competition slipped. It was discovered that he had been cheating by applying body oil, and for that reason he was selected as the first dropout and was sent off.

On the second day of recording, the fact that interest was running for the election was dismembered at the “exposure time”, and it was suspected that it was an appearance for popularity. Furthermore, Ichika dismissed that his career as a chief graduate of Sahara University was actually a career fraud that only attended a language summer school, and that interest was selected as the second dropout because of his career fraud. , “It’s more important now than in the past,” he defends himself to the participating women and leaves with regret.

On the night when Toshi is sent off, Rio asks Ichika to cooperate because she and Rie will vote for Wakana at the “exposure time” . However, in reality, Rie and Reina have already been asked to vote for Ichika in “Exposure Time” in an attempt to kick off Ichika, who is regarded as the best rival candidate, and Ichika is behind “Shochu ich-chan” by Rio’s strategy. Repeatedly slandered using red, and recorded the past that had been covered by the settlement money when an apology was requested in the information disclosure request, it is dismembered at the “exposure time” in the middle of the third day.

After that, Rio, Rie, and Reina enjoyed “date time” with Tetsuya by renting out the amusement park in the resort facility, but on the way, she went missing, and when she searched for her, she was abducted by a mysterious man. Tetsuya is beaten and injured in his head by a man’s weapon, but rescues Rio. The man calls himself “Rio’s fiancée”, but the reality is that he was active as a dad and contributed to luxury bags. According to the man’s confession, Ichika, who was deceived by Rio in the “exposure time” vote, searched for him for revenge and was informed that “Rio is betraying you and switching to Tetsuya”. He said he tried to bring him back. The two of them, Oto Ichika, who made the cause of injuring Tetsuya, offered to leave the program to the staff to take responsibility, and left the program.

On the morning of the fourth day of recording, Rie begins to talk that she was euthanized after being begged by a patient who had no life expectancy in the past. While suffering from the guilty feeling of killing a person and spending days drinking and taking tranquilizers, I touched on an interview with Tetsuya who talked about doing anything for hotel guests in the spirit of hospitality. He tells him that he has been saved and offers to marry that Tetsuya is the only one who understands and saves himself. However, AD Kaede contacted Rie’s hospital and found out that her euthanasia was a myth, and Rie confessed that she was married to Tetsuya and was trying to look back at the surgeon who was an affair partner. She leaves the show herself.

When Tetsuya’s bride candidates were narrowed down to Wakana and Reina, Tetsuya’s father, Eiichiro , appeared as a surprise guest, calling it to select a woman suitable for the bride of the Naruto group, and two choices to see the authenticity of luxury goods. Impose a game. However, behind the scenes, he bought AD Kaede for a large sum of money, set up a match-fixing to drop Wakana, and ordered Tetsuya to choose Reina for various reasons. Reina wins the game because of Ikasama, but Tetsuya, who was suspicious that Eiichiro tried to keep Wakana away, talked to an old friend, and in fact, when the performance of the Naruto group deteriorated 12 years ago. , Eiichiro deceives Wakana’s father and steals the bed manufacturing technology and patents, so he finds out that he was trying to keep Wakana away and apologizes to Wakana for his father’s wrongdoing. Wakana tells Tetsuya, who apologizes, that he participated in the program thinking that if he approached his son Tetsuya, he would naturally approach Eiichiro in order to take revenge on Eiichiro. , Shed tears as to what to do. Tetsuya vows to change the Naruto group to such Wakana.

On the morning of the last day of recording, Reina’s whereabouts disappear, and Tetsuya searches the leisure facility to find Reina. Tetsuya has something to think about because she was kissed by Reina at the “date time” the day before, and when she asked her “Isn’t you’Kaori’?”, Reina admits it. In fact, Reina’s true identity is Kaori, a woman whom Tetsuya was dating when she was in college, and after graduating from college, Tetsuya moved to New York and had a catastrophic past. After the catastrophe with Tetsuya, Reina can’t give up on Tetsuya even though she associates with another man, and she can’t meet Tetsuya unless she abandons herself and becomes a brand new one. She confesses that she has shaped it.

At last, the scene where a bride candidate is selected is shot, and Tetsuya tells Reina that you are wonderful now, regardless of how the past was, but he chooses Wakana as a bride candidate. She also hated Wakana at first for Tetsuya, the son of her father’s son, but she told her that she changed her mind because she looked at her and comforted her. She accepts her marriage offer from Tetsuya. Eiichiro gets angry at Tetsuya for choosing Wakana, but he really wanted not the assets of the Naruto group, but the memories of his father, and the simple thing that “I want a loved one to be with me.” Wakana reminded me that she was chosen. He then abandons the Naruto Group, tells Eiichiro that he can endure any difficult and difficult life with his loved ones, and says he will decline the position of the next president of the Naruto Group. Eiichiro, who acknowledged Tetsuya’s determination, said he would not allow Tetsuya to decline the next president when he looked forward to how long his bullish eyes would last to change the Naruto group.

Three months later, a wedding ceremony between Tetsuya and Wakana will be held at a resort facility where women are fighting for Tetsuya, and Ichika Oto will make a cause of Tetsuya’s injury in the program. Participating women except for will visit the area to attend the ceremony. As the ceremony is about to begin, Tetsuya is stabbed in the abdomen with a knife from Wakana in a wedding dress. Wakana vowed to love Tetsuya, but her determination to take revenge on Eiichiro was firm, and she suffered the same suffering as her dear parents were robbed of her, no matter what. He stabbed Tetsuya, his dear son, to give Eiichiro a taste. Tetsuya asks Wakana, “Is it all a lie?” While the white tie is stained with fresh blood and her consciousness is fading, but she tells Tetsuya that “you are the best person” and “I didn’t want to meet in this way.” He kisses him, says, “That’s why it’s the best for revenge,” and leaves the place. Wakana then jumped over the parapet of Ishibashi, where she arrived, and she threw herself into the river.


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