One and Only (2021)

One and Only (2021)

“Zhou Sheng Ru Li” is a costume drama directed by Guo Hu , starring Ren Jialun and Bai Lu, and starring Wang Xingyue , Li Yiru , Zhou Lula , Yao Yichen , Su Mengyun , and Wu Mansi .

The play is adapted from the ancient chapter of Mobao Feibao’s original novel ” Bone of a Lifetime Beauty “. The sadomasochistic story .

The show premiered on iQIYI on August 18, 2021

Drama: One and Only
Native Title: 周生如故
Also Known As: Love Your Bones Forever , Chang An Memories , Chang’an Memories , Chang An Ru Gu , The Memories , Forever and Ever 2 , Zhou Sheng Ru Gu , 长安如故杀青 , 长安如故
Screenwriter: Mo Bao Fei Bao
Director: Guo Hu
Genres: Historical, Romance, Wuxia
Country: China
Episodes: 24
Aired: Aug 18, 2021 – Aug 27, 2021
Aired On: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Original Network: iQiyi, Tencent Video
Duration: 45 min.


Ren Jia Lun,Bai Lu,Wang Xing Yue,Li Yi Ru,Su Meng Yun,Wu Man Si


Xiao Nanchen Wang Zhou Shengchen ( Ren Jialun ) , who became famous at a young age and had great military exploits, was determined to be loyal to the country, and his rigorous style and humility were praised by the world.

Luo Shiyi ( played by Bailu ) , the only daughter of the famous Luo clan , was accused of marriage as the future crown princess at birth.

Because she was a family friend with the palace, she was sent to the palace by her elders to study art.

Luo Shiyi’s kind and lovely, lively and intelligent personality is deeply loved by everyone in the palace, and he is also very fast in his studies and skills, which is the happy fruit of the palace.

While getting along bit by bit, Luo Shiyi admired Zhou Shengchen’s lofty ambition and refined character, and fell in love with the general unknowingly.

Whether it is staying in the palace to wait for good news, or fighting side by side with Zhou Shengchen, Luo Shiyi is Zhou Shengchen’s strongest backing and warmest support. The two people’s emotions quickly warmed up, but they were still estrous and polite

Diversity plot:

Vol. 1

As soon as Luo Shiyi was born, he was accused of marrying as a crown princess. It was Shiyi’s tenth birthday, and she prepared a lively birthday party for her. The lively, cute, smart and smart Shiyi has been looking for her favorite daddy, but she can’t find it anywhere. It turned out that Dad offended the Queen Gao family, Shi Yi’s mother had to propose a divorce, Dad also had no regrets and no regrets, and the two would never see each other again in this life. Shi Yi woke up the next day and could no longer see her father. She fainted in grief, and was diagnosed with aphasia due to excessive grief. She was unable to speak.

Vol. 2

A few years later, the elder brother Luo Feng sent Shi Yi to the Nanchen Palace in Chang’an to study art. It is advisable to go up to the city wall to see the demeanor of Zhou Shengchen’s grand review of Wang Jun: when the dawn breaks, the three armies emerge together. The wolf smoke is the scene, and the yellow sand is in the sky. Both Shi Yi and Luo Feng were shocked by the sight in front of them. The whereabouts of the two were discovered, but Zhou Shengchen did not pursue it. Shi Yi saw Zhou Shengchen on a horse with a graceful appearance at close range for the first time, and was filled with admiration. Shi Yi reverently kowtowed to Zhou Shengchen in front of everyone, and because there were already 10 apprentices, Zhou Shengchen decided to call her eleven. Shi Yi felt that Zhou Shengchen had no air, which was very surprising.

Vol. 3

Zhou Shengchen’s righteous brother, King Ping Qin, came to the palace to visit and mistook Shi Yi for Zhou Shengchen’s princess, and Shi Yi couldn’t speak. After being reminded by King Ping Qin, Zhou Shengchen brought Shiyi to see Wang Jun. It was the first time when Shi Yi was a disciple of King Xiao Nanchen to read the soldiers, and his heart was surging for a while. One day, Shi Yi was reading beside Zhou Shengchen, fell asleep while reading, and rested his head on Zhou Shengchen’s lap. Zhou Shengchen was flustered for a while, feeling that it would be rude to hold her back like this, so he picked up a piece of snow-white fox fur and wrapped it in Shi Yi and carried her back to the room.

Vol. 4

The third senior brother Xie Yun and the fourth senior sister Feng Qiao came to return to their lives and mentioned the refugees and monks in the White Horse Temple. Zhou Shengchen wanted to check the situation, so he brought Shi Yi with him. Baima Temple is shaving a benefactor. Zhou Shengchen recognizes that he is a acquaintance. In addition, the environment in the past week is different, and he suddenly feels strange, so Feng Qiao stays behind. It turned out that this person was Xiao Wen, the second prince of Daliang, who has now changed his name to Xiao Yan. He fled here because of the estrangement with Emperor Daliang. Someone in Daliang tried to take him away, but Zhou Shengchen stepped forward to block him. In a hurry, Shi Yi blurted out: Master, Zhou Shengchen repelled the people who came, and when he was happy, he could speak.

Vol. 5

When Liu Zixing arrived at the Nanchen Palace, he finally met Shi Yi, whom he had been thinking about all these years. Liu Zi acted to please Shi Yi, so he proposed to go to the barracks to celebrate Shi Yi’s birthday, and took the imperial decree to reward the three armies. Zhou Shengchen and Shi Yi showed tacit understanding and closeness in the barracks, and Liu Zixing saw it, and his heart was not happy.


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