On the Job (2021)

On the Job (2021)

A love story of an honest and bubbly couple + What kind of sleep did they really want?

Drama: Straight Sassy
Native Title: 솔직발칙
Also Known As: Soljikbalchik
Genres: Comedy
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 8
Aired: Sep 12, 2021 – Dec 5, 2021
Duration: 7 min.


Jung Yoo Hyeon,Lee Gun chang


As ‘Dragonfly’ is the main story, the story also creates a gloomy atmosphere, but Hari and Hari, who seduce and provoke because they want to have a bed with their boyfriend, are cutely portraying the two of them waiting because they don’t seem ready yet.

It’s a sexual topic, but there’s something in the story… It has a cute feeling.

I think ‘Honest Steps’ has a good unique atmosphere. I liked the scenes in episode 1 that capture the two of them together with the calm background music. In particular, I think you can watch each other’s feelings and thoughts with narration while paying more attention.

First of all, I saw Lee Kun-chang and Jung Yu-hyeon in this web drama for the first time. I liked the acting and Jung Yoo-hyun’s focused voice and expression. For reference, there are many comments about the female and male visuals in the comments, so this is a visual restaurant.

I think the story was a little disappointing. Everything was good, but episodes 2 and 4 were a little disappointing. Episodes 1 and 3 were in the mood to create a consensus with the viewers, but there were a lot of awkward scenes in episodes 2 and 4.


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