Oh My Sweetheart (2021)

Oh My Sweetheart (2021)

Drama: Oh My Sweetheart
Native Title: สุดร้ายสุดรัก
Also Known As: Sud Rai Sad Rak , Sud Raai Sud Ruk
Genres: Music, Comedy, Romance, School
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 24
Aired: Nov 18, 2021 – Dec 21, 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Original Network: Channel 3

Main Cast:

Alex Rendell,Bua Nalinthip Sakulongumpai,Ko Vasin Asvanarunat,Butr Boossiri Rattanapaisansuk,Air Panthila Fuklin,Preeyakarn Jaikanta


2 young people are close friends since childhood . Don ( Alex Rendell ) is a musical genius, the son of Donu ( Wasu Sangsingkaew ) , the owner of the DD Music label, Sudrak ( Nalinthip Sakulongampai ). is the daughter of Kawin ( Methanee Buranasiri )

Deli media owner who has a passion but is totally incompetent in music. But a heartbreaking story arises when Don has an accident and dies on the day that the music enters the piano competition. After that, the music became frightened every time he played the music, so he turned his back and never touched the instrument again. Sudrak did not want the music to drown in the painful past, so he tried to do everything possible to make the music come back to play music again.


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