Oh! My Sunshine Night (2022)

Oh! My Sunshine Night (2022)

Drama: Oh! My Sunshine Night
Native Title: เลิฟ@นาย
Also Known As: Oh My Sunshine Night , Love at 9
Director: Ongart Singlumpong
Genres: Romance
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 0
Aired: 2022 – ?

Main cast:

Ohm Thitiwat Ritprasert,Fluke Natouch Siripongthon,Noh Phouluang Thongprasert,Dew Nitikorn Pankram,Kan Krittikorn Jaruthammaporn,Meen Nattakrit Hamontri


After casting for a team of actors Recently released the official full poster for the series ‘ Love @ Mr. Oh! my Sunshine Night’ in less than 10 minutes, the hashtag #LoveAt9 #OhMySunshineNight trending No. 1 on Twitter. It’s like a big project, Series Y from News Infinity. Entertainment Co., Ltd., including this time It is also the debut of the main lead actor, Ohm-Thitiwat. Ritprasert and Fluke-Nathat Siripongthorn, who made these My Bluefins because more than 2 years, they have not been playing a long series together.

This project, “News-Seksit Pendee”, the organizer and the initiator of making dreams come true. By picking up a teaser for the debut of Ohm-Fluke’s first fan meeting to the real series. That will make the character Kim-Sun prepare to appear on the screen again. claiming that the return of this pair Ready for all tastes Breaking all the rules of Series Y and great productions waiting for

For the Y series, Love @ Mr. Oh! my Sunshine Night is a romantic-drama series. with action with a new plot In the style of the writing team Got a skilled director like Dong – Dr. Ongart Singlamphong to sit on the podium to direct the series Y for the first time. After this, the fans Waiting for various surprises to be released, whether it is an announcement of the debut of the cast that has been intensively searched Who will get what roles, including the cast’s workshop, fitting shots, and full filming. This series is a free content Ais play Original that will be broadcast to watch via the AIS PLAY application along with parallel channels.


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