Nyokei Kazoku (2021)

Nyokei Kazoku (2021)

Special: Nyokei Kazoku
Native Title: 女系家族
Also Known As: Female Family , Matrilineal Family
Genres: Drama
Country: Japan
Episodes: 2
Aired: Dec 4, 2021 – Dec 5, 2021
Aired On: Saturday, Sunday
Original Network: TV Asahi


Terajima Shinobu
Mizukawa Asami
Miyazawa Rie


The death of Yajima Kazo ( Rio Morimoto ) , the head of a well-known kimono shop in Tokyo , left a rich legacy, but the Yajima family was troubled by the fact that the will did not clearly state how to divide and corresponding each time. the amount a person deserves. And what surprised Yashima’s three daughters Tengdai ( played by Takashima Reiko ) , Qianshou ( played by Seto Asaka ) , and Hinako ( played by Kashii Yuu ) was that the extra person named Hamada Fumano ( Ryoko Yonekura ) ‘s father’s mistress. The sudden appearance of an outsider wants to compete with him for inheritance, so that the three Yajima sisters, who were not in a good relationship, have been attacking the outside world and focused on Fumino. What worries them most is that Wen Nai’s belly is confirmed to be pregnant with his father’s flesh and blood. If it is a boy, then all the inheritance will be lost. So they tried their best to get Fumano to give up the inheritance, and Fumino, who didn’t care about the inheritance at first, was forced by the Yajima sisters to enter the team competing for the inheritance.

Diversity plot:

Episode 1 Fierce Battle! Lover and three daughters fight for inheritance!

  Yajima Kazo, the owner of a long-established kimono shop “Yajima Shoji” in Tokyo, died of illness. His three daughters, the eldest daughter Toshiro, the second daughter Chishou and her husband Ryoichi, and the youngest daughter Hinako rushed home to attend the funeral for their father. One day after the funeral, Kazo’s close secretary, Yuichi, read out Kazo’s will at the family meeting at Yashima’s house. To everyone’s surprise, Kazo actually had a mistress, Wen Nai, and Wen Nai also had one. Eligible for an estate. Unlike the three sisters who work hard, Wen is a gentle girl who lacks father’s love and mother’s support since childhood, but does not complain about heaven and others, and is pure and kind-hearted. Wen Nai told the Yashima sisters that it was only after six years of dating with Kazo that he learned from Kazo that he was the boss of the Yashima Enterprise, and that he had never used Kazo’s money. The two simply fell in love with each other, and Wen Nai told everyone, The happiest time in her life was with Jia Zang, but the three sisters who all wanted to share the most inheritance did not believe in Wen Nai, so, despite Wen Nai’s unwillingness, she was involved in the struggle with the three sisters for the inheritance.

Episode 2 Dispute
Plot pictures
  Wen Nai was diagnosed with Yashima Kazo’s flesh and blood. The news caused an uproar in Yajima Ka, and the three sisters were even more furious when they learned of this, and they accused Wen Nai one after another. Wen Nai said that even if he could not get the money Also give birth to a child! But the three sisters are still panicking, because once the child is a boy and it is confirmed that he is really Gazang’s son, then all the inheritance will be passed on to the child. The young and handsome dance master Yoshizaburo obeyed Fujiyo’s order and planned to use the money to get rid of Fumino. As long as she would sign to say that after the remaining children, she and Yajima will break away from all ties, and she will get the check. But Wen Nai thinks it doesn’t matter even if there is no money, the important thing is to give birth to the child of the loved one and refuse to sign. On the other hand, the hospital certificate finally came out that Wen Nai was indeed pregnant, so the three sisters Toshiro and their aunt Yoshiko decided to go to Wen Nai’s house to find her.

Episode 3 Relentless
Plot pictures
  The three sisters of the Yajima family, who expressed deep doubts about Fumina’s pregnancy, together with their aunt Yoshiko, came to Funno’s house and asked him to go to the hospital they were looking for. On the way to the hospital for examination, someone suddenly rushed into the diagnosis room, which made Wen Nai feel extremely humiliated. She burst out of the hospital in tears in grief and anger, but because of this, she did not hear the doctor’s warning about her physical condition. On the other hand, Yoshizaburo found a real estate agent he knew to help Toshiro evaluate the value of all the inheritances she got, and pretended to be very concerned about Toshiro, giving her advice and hopes that she could get the most inheritance, and Toshiro was full of goodwill towards Yoshiro. However, in fact, Yoshizaburo and the real estate agent are conspiring to defraud Fujiyo of money. In addition, Hinako, the youngest daughter of the Yashima family, also listened to the advice of her aunt, Yoshiko, and asked an antique dealer to evaluate her inheritance. Everyone hoped that they could get as much inheritance as possible, and the three sisters were very unhappy because of this.

Episode 4 New Facts
Plot pictures
  No matter how much everyone pushes Wen Nai, he still insists that the child be born, and the family meeting was forced to postpone another meeting because the negotiation on the distribution of common property failed. After seeing the details of the joint property, the Yajima family suspected that Uichi had deliberately concealed the property Ryoichi, and Ryoko persuaded Hinako to go on a blind date so that he could be in a better position when the property was distributed. Yoshizaburo came to visit and recalled the story of his first encounter with Yajima Masakazo 10 years ago and later. After checking Qianshou, he found out that it was his own fault that he couldn’t get pregnant. Ryoichi comforted Qianshou that he could succeed him as the president regardless of whether he had offspring or not. The rumor that Wen Naihuai had Kazo’s child in the shopping mall once affected the reputation of the Yashima family. Yoshizaburo suggested that Toshiro should transfer Fumano back to the headquarters to eliminate the influence.

Episode 5 Miscarriage
Plot pictures
  Fumino, who worked at Yajima Trading Company, was the lover of the late former president and was pregnant with his child, and this rumor gradually spread in the company. For the sake of the Yajima family’s reputation, Fujishiro asked Fumino to be transferred to the head office, and threatened that Fumano would have an abortion if he didn’t agree. Chishou, who hated Fumano the most, objected to this, but finally accepted her husband Ryoichi’s advice and endured it. On the other hand, in order to confirm a mountain forest jointly inherited by the three sisters, all the Yajima family members will go to Akita. It has been seventy-seven and forty-nine days since Gazang passed away. According to Japanese custom, he invites a master to do things. Toshiro, the head of the family, invited Fumino to participate, and told her that she would have the opportunity to visit the tomb and hammer nails.

Character introduction:

Fumino Hamada
Actor Yonekura Ryoko
Born in Yamagata Prefecture, his parents divorced when he was in the third grade of elementary school. She helped her mother with housework and work since she was a child, but her mother died of illness when Wen Nai was just in high school due to overwork. After finishing high school, Wen Nai stayed in the dyeing factory and continued to work. There was a relationship with Jiazang 10 years ago. After the factory was closed, he left his hometown and came to Tokyo, where he became a contract employee at Yashima Shoji, and reunited with Kazo. Wen Nai started dating without knowing that Jia Zang was the president. Wen Nai lives in an apartment that Jia Zang bought for her, and lives a life that is hidden from the public. Although Jia Zang persuaded her to quit her job, Wen Nai expressed that she did not want to cause him any more trouble and continued to work in the department store. Not long after finding out that she was pregnant with Jia Zang’s child, Jia Zang fell ill.

Yashima Fujishiro
Actor Takashima Reiko
The eldest daughter of the Yajima family. Influenced by the “women first” family style since childhood, unconsciously, like her mother, she has a very arrogant attitude. On the surface, he seems to respect Jiazang, but inwardly he despises his father who is married. At the beginning, despite her mother’s objections, she got married, but because she didn’t get along well with her mother-in-law, she got divorced after only 3 years. During this period, the younger sister Qianshou has already recruited and married Ryoichi. Even so, Fujiyo still believes that he will inherit the Yajima business. Although she is the eldest daughter, she is in the most unfavorable position in inheritance because of her divorce and returning to her parents’ family. Usually always wearing Yajima’s products: luxurious kimonos, coupled with natural beauty and gorgeous temperament, just like the company’s live advertisement. Not only has the majesty and majesty of the eldest daughter, but also full of femininity, but her heart is full of competition, arrogance and desire.

Chiju Yashima
Actor Seto Asaka
The second daughter of the Yashima family. Because the mother put all her energy on the eldest daughter who will inherit the family business in the future, Qianshou has not been cared for since she was a child. Since she was sensible, Qianshou has been obedient to her mother and sister. Reticence, joy and anger are not visible, but deep down in the heart has accumulated long-term resentment. He has been married to Ryoji for 6 years, but has no children. Although the cost of infertility treatment is huge, Qianshou is still very persistent in having children. In terms of inheritance, since Ryoyoshi is the general manager of Yajima Shoji, he has the most favorable position among the three sisters.

Yajima Hinako
Yuu Kashii
The youngest of the Yashima family. Thanks to the love of her parents and sisters, she was able to grow up freely. She is a lively girl, and among the three sisters, her thoughts are the most common sense. After Gazang passed away, watching from the sidelines of the sisters who had turned against each other for their inheritance, she felt isolated at the same time. And the person who filled her heart with loneliness at the right time was Aunt Fangzi. As a result, Hinako dances with Yoshiko unknowingly, and is also involved in the inheritance battle.

Yoshisaburo Umemura
Actor Takahashi Katsuno
The illegitimate child between the master and his disciple of Umemura-ryu, a Japanese dancer. Since the head couple had no children, everyone regarded Yoshizaburo as the young master. Yoshizaburo actively increased the practice grounds of Umemura-style and expanded the power of the genre. His talent in management is better than that of Japanese dance. Because the residence and training ground is located in Qingshan, most of the disciples come from wealthy families, and Fujiyo is one of them. Yoshizaburo is full of coquettish charm when dancing. He usually wears refined clothes and drives a windy sports car. His disciples admire him very much. Fujiyo asked him to discuss the inheritance of the estate, and the two became a man and a woman. Fujiyo gradually fell into this feeling, but Yoshizaburo always responded indifferently. On the other hand, Yoshizaburō pretended to be close to Fumano for his own ambitions.

Ryokichi Yashima
Actor Kazuki Sawamura
Mr. Chishou. Even though he has been in the family for 6 years, he still respects Qianshou Xiang like a guest. With a serious and low-key personality, he always follows Qianshou like a shadow, which can be said to be exactly the same as Jiazang. Because of this, Ryoichi understands Kazo’s troubles better than anyone else. When the issue of inheritance came to the surface, Qianshou and Ryoichi worked together to fight against Fujishiro and others in order to keep the president’s throne, which also made the couple’s feelings more firm. Appearance is gentle and stable, but inside is very depressed.


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