Nuan Hun Qing Chong Qi Season 2 (2021)

Nuan Hun Qing Chong Qi Season 2 (2021)

Drama: Nuan Hun Qing Chong Qi Season 2
Native Title: 暖婚轻宠妻 第二季
Also Known As: Nunan Hun Qing Chong Qi Di Er Ji , Nyun Fan Heng Chung Chai Dai Yi Gwai , 暖婚轻宠妻2 , 暖婚轻宠妻 第2季 , 暖婚轻宠妻第二季 , 暖婚輕寵妻 第二季
Genres: Romance
Country: China
Episodes: 25
Aired: Sep 3, 2021 – Sep 8, 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Original Network: Youku
Duration: 3 min.



Mo Shishi, the eldest lady of the Mo family, changed her name to Mo Shiyi because her stepmother’s daughter’s design was expelled from the house.

Her mother, Gu Youwei, a famous designer for a while, was hospitalized due to illness but was killed by sister Mo Jingjing.

Shen Muhan, whom Mo Shiyi loved, didn’t expect it to be Mo Shasha’s boyfriend.

After Mo Shasha’s death, Shen Muhan believed that Mo Shiyi was harmed, and used false tenderness to deceive Mo Shiyi to marry him.

After marriage, he continued to torture Mo Shiyi. Poetry died in despair in the pain of bereavement. After the rebirth, she came back with a vengeful rage, a hypocritical sister, a greedy stepmother, she never wanted to have anything to do with this family again, as for the big-tailed wolf, she just wanted to cut off with him in this life and never see each other again, But who would have known that he didn’t play cards according to the routine, obviously he wanted to burn her to ashes in the previous life, but in this life he helped her abuse the scumbag and Liwei for the first time, and even recommended himself to warm the bed for her? When Mo Shiyi was puzzled, she gradually fell in love with the man she was willing to give everything to when she was young.


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