Nu Xia Yao Fang Si (2022)

Nu Xia Yao Fang Si (2022)

Drama: Nu Xia Yao Fang Si
Native Title: 女侠要放肆
Also Known As:
Genres: Wuxia
Country: China
Episodes: 0
Aired: 2022 – ?

Main cast not yet:


Introduction:More than ten years ago, the Kingdom of Tianzhao and the Kingdom of Beimang stood on each other’s feet to check and balance each other. The good times did not last long, and the current Beimang monarch, Fen VI Yulie, eventually destroyed the Tianzhao Kingdom in one fell swoop. Only Zhao Si’er, the orphan of Emperor Zhao, and Zhao Hanqing, the uncle of the emperor, disappeared. More than ten years later, Zhao Sier, who lives in Gaotan Town, is raised by an unreliable uncle, but she is kind-hearted but loves to play tricks. With the intensification of the search in Tianmang Kingdom, Zhao Hanqing let her go to the rivers and lakes in order to protect Zhao Sier, while he went to the capital of the country alone and tried to delay the time. Zhao Si’er calls herself Gao Tan Xia, and meets Huang Chang, who likes role-playing. On the way, he accidentally rescued Lin Bai, who was seriously injured, and escorted him to Broken Sword Mountain. On the way, Zhao Si’er knew his true identity. It turns out that before the fall of Zhao Kingdom, King Tianzhao had left a treasure, and Lin Bai went to Broken Sword Mountain to escort the sword box with the treasure secret, and Huang Shang had other plans for approaching Zhao Si’er, and his feelings for her also let him dilemma. At the same time, the Northern Mang Kingdom royal family. The remnants of Tianzhao Kingdom are planning their own conspiracies, mantis catching cicadas, yellow…


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