Nouka no Mikata (2021)

Special: Nouka no Mikata
Native Title: 農家のミカタ
Also Known As: Farmer Mikata , Noka no Mikata
Genres: Life
Country: Japan
Episodes: 1
Aired: Oct 23, 2021
Aired On: Saturday
Original Network: TV Tokyo
Duration: 55 min.


Inukai Atsuhiro,Matsumura Sayuri,Magy,Nakajima Ayumu,Takahashi Hitomi,Sugimoto Tetta


It has been a transportation hub for a long time, and is the junction of Nakasendo ( National Highway and National Highway ) and Mikuni Highway ( Gunma Prefectural Highway 25 Takasaki Shibukawa Line ), the junction of Kanetsu Expressway and Kita Kanto Expressway , Joetsu Shinkansen and Hokuriku . It is one of the leading transportation hub cities in Japan, such as becoming a branch point of the Shinkansen . Takasaki Station , where the Shinkansen stops, is also the gateway to Maebashi City , the prefectural capital of Gunma Prefecture, and is the center of transportation in Gunma Prefecture. In the Great Heisei Consolidation , Kurabuchi Village , Misato Town , Gunma Town , Shinmachi , Haruna Town , and Yoshii Town were incorporated, and the vast city area has the largest population in the prefecture, surpassing Maebashi City , which is the prefectural capital . rice field.

The population of the metropolitan area is about 530,000, which is the largest in the prefecture as the population of the metropolitan area [Note 1] . In terms of official land prices , Takasaki City occupies the highest point in the prefecture for both commercial and residential areas. The central area (central city area) of the city is the area centered on Takasaki Town, Gunma District .

During the Edo period , it was very popular as a castle town of the Takasaki clan , as the fourth largest post town in the 69th Nakasendo , and as a distribution center and commercial town for goods. There are cities in Tamachi, Honmachi, Shinmachi (currently Aramachi) along the highway , and the situation is so much that it was described as “Takasaki Tamachi, Navy blue goodwill fluttering if you see Edo.” Blacksmiths live in Blacksmith Town , sword scabbards live in Sayacho, and gold and silver craftsmen live in Shirogincho , and the town of craftsmen at that time is still the name of the town. Even today, it is flourishing as one of the prefecture’s leading commercial cities. In addition, the wholesale town located in the suburbs of Takasaki is Japan’s first suburban wholesale complex.



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