Nonai Angels (2021)

Nonai Angels (2021)

Drama: Nonai Angels
Native Title: 脳内エンジェルズ
Also Known As: Angels in My Head , Angels in the Brain , Nonai Enjeruzu
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: Japan
Episodes: 4
Aired: Oct 20, 2021 – Nov 10, 2021
Aired On: Wednesday
Duration: 30 min.


Endo Sakura,Hoshino Minami,Yamashita Mizuki,Saito Asuka


Nogizaka46 Sakura Endo, Asuka Saito, Minami Hoshino, Mizuki Yamashita will appear in the smartphone game app “Nogi Koi” planned and operated by 10ANTZ Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Makoto Takasawa). The original drama “Brain Angels” (5 episodes in the main story) will be released on the “Nogi Koi” app from October 20th, and the character banner of Asuka Saito will also be released.

The original drama “Brain Angels” is a work depicting the self-proclaimed “Brain Angels”, four angels who suddenly settled in the brain of “you” who suffered from love. The four romance counselors give advice, but their opinions are different …! ?? An original drama depicting a love debate of four angels who are cute, cold, sly, and gentle.

Maybe Sakura Endo is the angel who gives the most ordinary advice, Sakura Endo is the angel who has a bad mouth but has a good advice, Asuka Saito is the angel curse, and Minami Hoshino is the angel who has a lot of words but cute advice. Mizuki Yamashita plays the role of angel calculator for useful advice, and these four people each play the unique and attractive angels in the brain. All 5 episodes will be released on 10/20 on the “Nogi Koi” app. The trailer, the first episode, and the prologue are also available on official YouTube.


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