New Horizon (2021)

New Horizon (2021)

a group of energetic young people who met in the airport due to their common blue sky dream, experienced friendship tests, love shocks, strict assessments, and finally became high-end outstanding aviation professionals .

Drama: New Horizon
Native Title: 壮志高飞
Also Known As: New Aspiration , Zhuang Zhi Gao Fei
Director: Li Hong Yu
Genres: Romance, Melodrama
Country: China
Episodes: 47
Aired: May 27, 2021 – Jun 27, 2021
Aired On: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Original Network: Hunan TV, iQiyi, Tencent Video, Youku
Duration: 45 min.


Ryan Zheng,Joe Chen,Hu Bing,Yu Yao,Zhao Zi Qi


Midsummer Airlines co-pilot Xiao Mo ( played by Zheng Kai ) accidentally discovered a fire during a flight, which indirectly caused the death of the airline’s prince Xia Yu ( played by Zhu Zixiao ) and his mother. Although the company finally determined that Xiao Mo was not responsible, Xiao Mo resigned from the pilot position because of guilt and became a maintenance engineer.

Two years later, Xiao Mo returned to the flying team. During the re-training of the aviation school, he met Xia Yu, who was already a pilot, and both of them unexpectedly fell in love with Wu Di ( played by Chen Qiaoen ) , a female pilot with a straightforward personality. Xiao Mo, Xia Yu, Wu Di and the three fell into emotional entanglement.

At this time, an unfinished investigation report suddenly appeared. The unknown truth two years ago made everyone suspicious of Xiao Mo again. Seeing that Xiao Mo was facing grounding again, Wu Di’s heart began to gradually move towards Xia Yu.

At this time, Xiao Mo no longer flinched, and tried his best to find out the ins and outs of the accident two years ago. Xiao Mo proved his innocence and his strength as a pilot, and returned to the blue sky again


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