Neler Oluyor Hayatta? (2019)

What’s Happening? (Neler Oluyor Hayatta?) is Turkish TV show with Hakan Ural, Nur Tuğba Algül. Premiere 07-Oct-2019 by Kanal D.

Native title: Neler Oluyor Hayatta
Title: What’s happening, What’s Happening
Content Type: Program
Genre: Reality TV, N/A
Country: Turkey
Language: Turkish
Region Rating: N/A
Launch: 10/07/2019 to 12/31/2021
Parts: 1 x 100 minutes
Hours: Thursday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 21:00:00–22:40:00
License/Exhibition: Kanal D

Main cast:

Hakan Ural (1967)
Nur Tuğba Algül (1983)


What happens on Monday with the presentation of Hakan Ural and Seda Akgül to talk about everything in life!

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