Nah Han the Series (2022)

Nah Han the Series (2022)

Drama: Nah Han the Series
Native Title: หน่าฮ่าน เดอะ ซีรีส์
Also Known As: Nha Harn
Screenwriter & Director: Chantana Tiprachart
Screenwriter: Nakorn Phohairot
Genres: Comedy
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 10
Airs: Feb 21, 2022 – ?
Airs On: Monday


Prom Ratchapat Worrasarn,Goonggink Patima Chamfa,Putter Dechphisit Jarukornapiwat,Frank Thanatsaran Samthonglai,New Chunnawan Mandee,Puifaiz Atcharaporn Sinthuson


The area in front of the Mo Lam stage became a small battlefield for teenagers in Ban Non Hin Hae which consists of Yupin (King-King-Patima Chamfah), Calcium (Pim-Pimphisut Chantharachamnong), Tle Mai (Frank-Thanatsaran Samthonglai), and the transgender/female twins. Peggy and Oysters They drew patterns to show themselves until the teenagers of Ban Nong Erang wanted to come and compete. Children of Non Hin Haad had to travel hard, practice hard so that all eyes would be on them at the big merit making ceremony.

Sawan (Putter-Detpisit Jarukorn Apiwat) is an outstanding student of Ban Non Hin Hae School. He is also a doctor at the school and has a father as deputy director. The ruthless government, he’s a fan of Yoye. (Mind-Sirikan Wongsit) A member of the Na Han gang, Ban Nong Erang, but deep down in his heart, he secretly likes Yupin of the Na Han gang, Ban Non Hin. which Yupin is a young boy If choosing between learning and dancing, Na Han chose the latter without hesitation. But Heaven’s heart cannot reach Yupin. because he was told by his father not to have a boyfriend in school will lose dominance So he could only secretly score from a distance. without letting Yupin know

Little Mai, one of the members of the Na Han gang, Ban Non Hin I’m the only person in my class who didn’t go up to 6th grade with my friends. Although Mae Rampai, the owner of the village curtain resort business And it is also the former tail of the Mo Lam band. She stressed that she had to study hard. And behave like a man, so he invites Calcium, a girl friend in the group, to act as a fan of scammers around the world. Hopefully this mission will be successful until the end of the course. Together, they will escape from this village. and then move on to live the life that you want

But the mission has not yet been accomplished. Tle Mai came to meet his friends in Grade 5, the second round, K (New-Chunwan) Desperately) The boy doesn’t care about the world that is calcium’s younger brother. K promised her sister that she would take good care of Little Mai. but maybe too good causing Little Mai to think more about his younger brother.

While Yupin meets Heaven’s most important enemy at a Mor Lam event, he is a lion (Prom-Ratchaphat Worasan) Vendors selling necklaces in front of the temple, who patrol the market to sell things. The two of them quickly sparked with the promise of a Heavenly Child who secretly scored points from a distance, confused in themselves whether to continue or was enough.
Calcium itself is no different. Because while acting as a wooden fan every day, she suddenly felt a longing for the warmth of her fake boyfriend. until calcium began to change the idea that Friendship relationship with Little Mai It might actually be love.

The love triangle of Little Mai – Calcium – K. How to conclude? The tangled love between Heaven-Yupin-Yoye-Lion Could it be solved? Perhaps Na Han could point them in the light.


Yupin: Kung-King-Patima Chamfah
A grade 6 girl who is emaciated and weak. love freedom Think and do whatever you want. Confident in yourself, but while
At the same time, they are fun-loving, stubborn, quick headed, get along well with the transgender group, but when a man comes to flirt, they change their character. be a sweet Instantly gentle, not forced, automatic. until her bisexual friends like to make fun of

lions : Prom-Ratchapat Worasarn,
handsome, charming, cool, hardworking and earns a living. Grateful, speaks well, sells well, has a mature mindset, plans for the future, has clear goals in life, is Yupin’s idol. The lion and Yupin love each other wholeheartedly. The couple gradually grew up together. But there is an obstacle called gratitude.

Heaven: Putter-Detpisit Jarukorn Aphiwat
A young man in Grade 6, a child of an administrative teacher Dress and cut everything in order. There is a dictatorship because it believes that what was instilled from the father. is the right way until I didn’t ask any questions. He secretly likes Yupin and thinks that women will like pro-boys.

Yoye : Mind-Sirikan Wongsit,
a good white Isaan boy with a Korean style, can color his hair and speak in the middle. Don’t say Isaan is a fan of heaven, the leader of Ban Khok Nong Na gang.

Calcium : Pim-Pimphisut Chantrachamnong
, a beautiful girl with big breasts, is not able to make jokes with her friends, but with the beauty of Nang Wai Pong Lang school, she has a profile in One level school, but never cares about a friend who
flirts with him because deep down, he secretly feels more than a friend

Kick the takraw has tricked everyone into being a real man and was not able to keep up with his friends with Calcium. only study So I repeated the class at M.5 for another year. I secretly liked my younger brother Calcium who attended the same class.


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