Mystery to Iunakare (2022)

Mystery to Iunakare (2022)

Drama: Mystery to Iunakare
Native Title: ミステリと言う勿れ
Also Known As: Do Not Say Mystery , Mystery to Iu Nakare
Director: Aizawa Hideyuki, Matsuyama Hiroaki
Screenwriter: Aizawa Tomoko
Genres: Mystery, Psychological, Life, Drama
Country: Japan
Episodes: 10
Aired: Jan 10, 2022 – Mar 14, 2022
Aired On: Monday
Original Network: Fuji TV
Duration: 54 min.

MAin cast:

Suda Masaki,Ito Sairi,Onoe Matsuya II,Tsutsui Michitaka,Suzuki Kosuke,Shiraishi Mai


Sagae Ken Murder Case (Volume 1 episode 1)
One day in winter. A college student, Sei Kuno , is interviewed at the police station. According to the story of detectives including Assistant Police Officer Yabu , at around 10 o’clock last night, Sagae , a high school alumnus, was killed by a college student, and Sagae was arguing with a person similar to Kuno at the scene. It was witnessed. Detectives question Kuno, who is suspected of murder, with high pressure. On the other hand, Sagae states that Sagae was a man with a rich parent and a nose, but calmly denies the crime by saying something that does not wear on his teeth.

However, the days of going to the police station voluntarily begin without clearing the suspicion. In the meantime, Kuno gives a little advice to them without changing his facial expression every time he hears a chat about his detectives. Constable Otobe suffering from a rebellious daughter, Constable Bath Mitsu who is sluggish due to the pressure of seniors , Constable Ikemoto who is frustrated by the attitude of his pregnant wife, Police Officer Aoto who is trapped in the once-occurring condemnation case, hit and run his wife and son Assistant police officer Yabu .

Detectives gradually become interested in Kuno, who simply leaves advice, but the investigation progresses and the weapon used for the crime is discovered. The weapon was Kuno’s fruit knife , which was dumped in a garbage dump away from the scene. Kuno denies the crime even if it is pursued, and claims that a third party stole the knife from his home and used it for the crime.

Furthermore, as a result of the house search, the memo of the person lending money from his home in Sagae and the data of the loan book for borrowing money from his laptop computer to Sagae were found. Kuno was forced to confess, but as soon as Sagae remembered the conversation he had with his friend in high school, he became silent.

Another day, Kuno tells Bath Hikari and Ikemoto that he accidentally dropped his home key a year ago. The key was delivered to the police box, but the sender secretly made a duplicate key and claimed to have used it for this crime. As a result of the investigation by Furo Hikaru, the sender of the key was Assistant Police Officer Yabu. Apart from that, Sagae said that when he was in the third year of high school, Sagae got a driver’s license and was proud of the luxury car bought by his father, but after the summer vacation he was taken up because of poor grades. I remember. Kuno speculated that Kangawae had an accident that summer and the accident was concealed by his father in power, and the victims were the wife and son of Assistant Police Officer Yabu.

Kuno remembered the traces of contact with Sagae and Kuno himself in the passages of Yabu’s remarks from the beginning when he was interviewed. It is inferred that Yabu, who picked up the lost key, made a duplicate key, invaded Kuno’s house, stole the fruit knife (at this time, forged evidence on a laptop computer), and used it to kill Sagae. Inferred, Yabu admits that he killed Sagae because he didn’t admit it, although he didn’t intend to kill him if he confessed to the crime.

However, Kuno states that he remembered something else. In the summer when Sagae lost his car, Sagae was confused that his car was being driven by his seniors. Kuno tied up the memorandum found in Sagae’s house, Sagae was often threatened with money by his seniors, his car might have been rented, and it was another person who ran over Yabu’s wife and child. I guess it might be. This hit the mark, and the person interviewed by Furo Hikaru confessed that he had run over his wife and children in a car in Sagae and escaped.

Bus Jack Incident (Volume 1-Volume 2 episode 2)
Sei Kuno was caught up in a bus jack on the bus on his way to the Impressionist exhibition after he managed to survive the suspicion of a serial murder . Inudo Otoya , a bus-jacker , asked some questions while threatening the passengers who were on the bus.

Ippei Awaji , who is weak and has a part-time job, Megumi Kashiwa , a woman who thinks about something, Rila Rouki who calls himself a journalist, Yukihito Narasaki , a director of an insurance company who retired, Daisuke Kobayashi who has a grandfather with dementia, and a graduate student Sho Kumada , Masao Sakamoto who is looking for a job, and Makoto Tomomori who is a bus driver .

Kuno wasn’t afraid of the criminal’s threat, and as a result of repeating his usual self-paced remarks and irritating Inudo Otoya, he was about to be stabbed. Kumada wasn’t stabbed because he protected Kuno, and Sakamoto beat Otoya, causing a relief of air in the car, but Sakamoto picked up a weapon and told him to continue bus hijacking. They take the passengers to the Inudo family, where Sakamoto calls himself Inudo Garo .

They are asked again when they are brought to the Inudo residence. Then, while talking, Kuno begins to notice the commonalities of the gathered humans. The first victim of the serial murder, Aiju Inudo , the passengers of the bus, from which Kuno infers the truth of the bus jack case and the criminal of the serial murder case.

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