Mystery of Antiques III (2021)

Mystery of Antiques III (2021)

Drama: Mystery of Antiques III
Native Title: 古董局中局之掠宝清单
Also Known As: Mystery of Antiques 3 , List of Antiquities , Antique Bureau Midgame , Gu Dong Ju Zhong Ju Zhi Liang Bao Qing Dan , Gu Dong Ju Zhong Ju Ⅲ , 古董局中局Ⅲ
Screenwriter & Director: Han Qing
Genres: Adventure, Thriller, Historical, Mystery
Country: China
Episodes: 44
Aired: Jul 21, 2021 – Aug 11, 2021
Aired On: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Original Network: Tencent Video
Duration: 45 min.


Shaw Qu,Yukee Chen,Li Jiu Xiao,Wang Pei Han,Bian Tian Yang,Dai Wen Wen


In 1928, the Huangsha wind swept the city of Beijing. The director of the Jingshi Police Department imprisoned all the bigwigs in the Jingcheng antique industry in the name of longevity. Just when Wumai was in crisis, Xu Yicheng was in danger and resolved the crisis of Wumai. One wave after another, the former friend Chen Weili died tragically on the street. Before his death, he sent Xu Yicheng a note with the terroir imprint on it. Xu Yicheng investigated this and unexpectedly found that Chen Weili’s death was related to the Japanese. The former Bailer Yufang admitted frankly that the tomb of Emperor Shushen in Dongling was stolen, and asked Xu Yicheng to help resolve the crisis in Dongling. Xu Yicheng sensitively realized that the crisis in Dongling was related to the death of his friend Chen Weili. In order to avoid the outflow of Chinese national treasures in public and to find out the death of a friend privately, Xu Yicheng, with the help of Hailanzhu, a descendant of the clan, Liu Yiming, Huang Kewu, and his friend Fu Gui, a descendant of the clan, bravely entered the city of Ping An and prevented the national treasure of China with practical actions. outflow


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