My Friend the Enemy (2022)

My Friend the Enemy (2022)

Drama: My Friend the Enemy
Native Title: คู่เวร
Also Known As: Koo Wein
Genres: Friendship, Psychological, Law, Romance
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 0
Aired: 2022 – ?
Original Network: Channel 3

Main cast:

Patricia Tanchanok G
Mo Monchanok S
Pon Nawasch Phupa


Good Feeling ‘s new drama that will be filmed and aired on Channel 3 that previously released fitting photos. Recently, the agency has released a new fitting picture. Ready to surprise the audience by sending 2 new casts, Pon-Nawat Phuphanthatchasi and Patricia Good, replacing the same actors who had previously debuted.

Pon-Nawat Phuphanthatchasi and Patricia Good are the two actors set to play the lead roles in Good Feeling’s new drama, Khu -Way, replacing the original cast, Peach-Pachara Chirathivat. and Kao-Supassara Thanachart that has changed As for the other two original casts, Mo-Monchanok Saengchaipiangphen and Got-Itthipat Thanit, they are still standing on the ground as before.

It is not uncommon for dramas to change cast after fitting. For example, the organizer, King-Soam Srisuphap, posted on his personal Instagram with the hashtag. #Changes are normal. And with this new cast, it still smells contemporary with the story of the chaos of people in the lawyer office as usual. Which we have to win again when the drama is ready to show how interesting it will be.

The new cast for both of them started from Phon-Nawat Phuphanthatchasi. The new blood young actor of the channel that we are familiar with. His face is familiar from dramas such as Pink Badge , Pleong Plaeng Thien and Thung Sanaeha . With this drama, it will be again that he will get a full lead role and prove his charm and power. purely official show

As for actress Patricia Goode, this drama is her first project after acting. Love Debt in a Fire Cage The on-air ended last year. Including also her appearance at the show. After the news of her and Peach Phachara’s breakup and became an issue that people were talking about.

Spouse tells the story of the relationship of people in a lawyer’s office. with the main story line at Beam and Wan, two best friends who one day, the two of them have to become ‘partners’ with some events and also get Wit-Worawit Srisuphap, director from candle flame Let’s take care of this project. with plans to broadcast to watch on Channel 3HD soon


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