Murder Diary (2021)

Murder Diary (2021)

The drama is a series of “Criminal Investigation Files” series, one of the eleven recommended dramas of the 2020 Hong Kong International Film and Television Festival, and one of the fourteen dramas of the 2021 TVB program tour.

Drama: Murder Diary
Native Title: 刑偵日記
Also Known As: Xing Zhen Ri Ji , Ying Jing Yat Gei , 刑侦日记
Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Psychological, Romance
Country: Hong Kong
Episodes: 25
Aired: Jun 15, 2021 – Jul 14, 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Original Network: TVB Jade , Youku
Duration: 45 min.


Vincent Wong,Kara Hui,Philip Keung,Benjamin Yuen,Mandy Wong,Chris Lai


There is always a reason for people to meet each other, either a gift or a lesson.
Yang Bixin ( played by Hui Yinghong ) suffered from schizophrenia and almost poisoned her son Ye Jinfeng ( played by Wang Haoxin ) .

Jin Feng was so frightened that he dissociated from his weak but heart-warming personality – Zhu Ji. Zhu Ji studied hard to become an expert in handwriting and psychological profiling, helping Jin Feng, who is very skilled, to become a happy undercover and uproot a criminal group.
However, the mysterious cases that followed unexpectedly made Jin Feng a murder suspect, and also shocked his sister Ye Langqing ( played by Dai Zuyi ) .

Bixin left her children behind in those days. In order to make up for it, she asked the hospital assistant to protect her daughter, but she had a hard time with Jinfeng.
Jin Feng, a dual personality, is appreciated by the father of criminal investigation Nie Shan (played by Jiang Haowen), who has just been cured of bipolar disorder , and is recruited to join the special case team . Chief Inspector Jiang Zhengxun ( played by Li Nuoyi ) , forensic anthropologist Fang Wanqian ( played by Wang Minyi ) , forensic insect expert Zhang Xiaoman (played by Lian Shiya) and novel editor Hai Lan ( played by Ju Ziqiao ) who is often suspected of being related to the case and needs to be investigated.

A highly intelligent criminal who fights against various psychological deviations together, and solves many terrifying and unsolved cases.


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