Mu Yue Xing Chen (2022)

Mu Yue Xing Chen (2022)

Drama: Mu Yue Xing Chen
Native Title: 慕月星辰
Also Known As:
Genres: Adventure, Friendship, Romance, Wuxia
Country: China
Episodes: 24
Aired: 2022 – ?

Main cast:

Xu Run


The TV series “Moon Moon Stars” is expected to be released and broadcast from 2022. The play will be starring unknown (Mo Yue) and others. “Moon Moon and Stars” is an urban romance drama. It tells the story of Jing Chaojing and his years, and Qianjizong gradually became the first sect in the rivers and lakes. Heroes from all walks of life only followed their horses. The agency Tianxuansi noticed that when he wanted to investigate and deal with it, Qianjizong expressed his willingness to surrender. Mu Yue was the first female assassin of Qianji Sect. She was ambushed and fell off a cliff while performing her mission, so her twin sister, Mu Xing, pretended to be Mu Yue and returned to Qianji Sect, in order to find the real murderer and avenge her sister. Soon, the imperial concubine Yu gave the marriage to Xiao Huachen, the son of the “first businessman” Xiao Dingshan. When Mu Xing was ordered to search for the “Tianji Jue” that could command the world in the Xiao family, he was also secretly investigating the truth of his sister’s murder. Unexpectedly, the seemingly peaceful Xiao family is full of ghosts and ghosts, and even Xiao Huachen, the eldest young master of the Xiao family who seems to be playful, has secrets. Mu Xing and Xiao Huachen went from temptation and suspicion to mutual acquaintance and cooperation, to mutual admiration, but their relationship was ups and downs due to the exposure of each other’s hidden identities. After experiencing a series of hardships of love, family, and friendship, such as true and false Muyue, the mystery of life experience, and the killing of enemies on the battlefield, Mu Xing and Xiao Huachen joined hands with friends to put out the upcoming domestic and foreign wars, and finally returned to the Give the world a peaceful and prosperous world.
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