Mouse: The Last (2021)

Mouse: The Last (2021)

Special: Mouse: The Last
Native Title: 마우스: 더 라스트
Also Known As: Mauseu: Deo Laseuteu
Genres: Documentary
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 1
Aired: May 20, 2021
Aired On: Thursday
Original Network: tvN
Duration: 60 min.


Lee Seung Gi,Lee Hee Joon,Park Joo Hyun,Kyung Soo Jin,Ahn Jae Wook,Jo Jae Yoon


‘Mouse’, with only one episode left until the end, will decorate the end with viewers with the special broadcast ‘Mouse: The Last’, which contains behind-the-scenes talks and unpublished videos of the actors.

tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Mouse’ has been praised for opening a new horizon in the thriller genre with the development and sophisticated directing that fully utilizes the charm of the human hunter chase. In the last broadcast, the ending where predator Lee Seung-gi (Jung Ba-reum) and top predator Jeong Ae-ri (Choi Young-shin) met face-to-face, raising expectations for the final episode aired today (19th).

Tomorrow (the 20th), the day after the end of the show, ‘Mouse: The Last’ is organized to repay the support of the viewers who have sent unsparing love for the past three months, to relieve the regret of the end. Broadcaster Do Kyung-wan will host, and Lee Seung-gi, Lee Hee-jun, Park Joo-hyun, Kyung Su-jin, Ahn Jae-wook, and Jo Jae-yoon appear in the studio directly. In addition to the intense and passionate production of ‘Mouse’, which has not been said before, undisclosed stories related to filming and feelings for each other can be frankly shared.

Each of the actors put in an extraordinary effort to digest the mystery thriller ‘Mouse’ with a particularly complex narrative and numerous clues. In particular, Lee Seung-gi said that he was embarrassed by the reaction of his acquaintances who asked who the culprit was every time, and he laughed as he exclaimed, “I am the predator!” When Jo Jae-yoon, who plays Danielle, reveals the confession he has been hiding, all the actors who hear it crawl and steal to the point of tears.

Starting with a warm-up game that requires individual sense and quickness, followed by quiz and talk corners to gauge the actors’ affection for their work, the special awards ceremony ‘Hunter Awards’ that can only be found in ‘Mouse: The Last’ will be held. do. From the famous lines selected by the actors themselves to the extra ending of ‘Mouse’, the 60 minutes are full of rich and rich content.

The production team said, “We decided to plan a special broadcast ‘Mouse: The Last’ to repay the viewers’ passionate love for ‘Mouse’. Please show a lot of interest in ‘Mouse: The Last’.”


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