More than Blue: The Series (2021)

More than Blue: The Series (2021)

Drama: More than Blue: The Series
Native Title: 比悲傷更悲傷的故事:影集版
Also Known As: A Story Sadder than Sadness: The Series , Bi Bei Shang Geng Bei Shang De Gu Shi: Ying Ji Ban , 比悲伤更悲伤的故事:影集版
Director: Hsieh Pei Ju
Genres: Music, Romance, Life, Melodrama
Country: Taiwan
Episodes: 10
Aired: Oct 22, 2021
Aired On: Friday
Original Network: Netflix
Duration: 45 min.


Gingle Wang,Fandy Fan,Ivy Shao,Edison Wang,Figaro Tseng,Eleven Yao


Netflix will exclusively broadcast the album version of “A Story More Sad Than Sadness” on 10/22, starring Wang Jing, Fan Shaoxun, Shao Yuwei, Wang Bojie, Zeng Shaozong, Yao Yiti and A-Lin, reinterpreting the classic sadistic mood with three emotional lines Festival, and from multiple perspectives, experience the face of love in life and death, which makes people cry from beginning to end.

The album version of “A Story More Sad than Sadness” is different from the movie version. Producers Zhuang Chunchun, Lin Xiaoqian and screenwriter Lu Anxian partnered again, and together with director Xie Peiru, they created a new ten-episode series, which not only explained in detail Zhang Zhekai K, who did not write much in the previous movie version. (Fan Shaoxun) and Song Yuanyuan Cream (Wang Jing) have grievances and grievances, and also add that many movies do not clearly explain the interaction between K and Cream.

In addition, the album version has specially added a new emotional line of recording director Bo Han and single mother assistant An Yiqi, played by Wang Bojie and Shao Yuwei respectively, plus another main line that existed in the original film version, the warm male dentist Yang Youxian (played by Zeng Shaozong) and his fiancee photographer Cindy (played by Yao Yiti) rekindled their old love, so that “A Story More Sad Than Sadness Album” revolves around the joys and sorrows of love and family with three different appearances, which makes people cry. The embankment, especially the six major tear points that directly attack the lacrimal gland, makes people cry for ten episodes at a time. Please prepare enough toilet paper to watch.


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