Monsters in the Forbidden City: Secret of the Gem (2021)

Monsters in the Forbidden City: Secret of the Gem (2021)

Drama: Monsters in the Forbidden City: Secret of the Gem
ative Title: 故宫里的大怪兽之洞光宝石的秘密
Also Known As: Gu Gong Li De Da Guai Shou Zhi Dong Guang Bao Shi De Mi Mi
Director: Shen Yan, Li Ming
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy
Country: China
Episodes: 26
Aired: Jul 30, 2021 – ?
Original Network: Tencent Video


Finn Han,Pei Jia Xin,Chen Dou Yi,Man Ning Xi,Li Yan


The Big Monster in the Forbidden City: The Secret of the Cave Light Gem tells the story of Li Xiaoyu, an ordinary 11-year-old primary school student who was originally a little transparent in her class, until she accidentally picked up a magical gemstone earring in the Forbidden City, and her life changed completely. Guided by the gemstone earrings, Xiaoyu broke into the world of mythical beasts hidden in the Forbidden City. The mythical beasts, fairies, and monsters who are on the eaves, railings, and murals as statues on weekdays have all come alive in this invisible and prosperous world. From then on, every time the sun and the moon change, Xiaoyu will report to the world of the beasts. As the guardian chosen by the gem, she will help the beasts to solve various problems. There, Li Xiaoyu not only met a lot of mythical beast friends, but also found Yang Yongle, a young fairy-talker who turned out to be a weirdo transfer student in his class. With the help of Yang Yongle, Xiaoyu discovered more secrets of the divine beast world, and was also involved in a crisis in the divine beast world. In order to save the world of mythical beasts and find out the final answer, Xiaoyu and the eccentric classmate Yang Yongle and the young dragon kissed the beast as partners, and started a fantasy adventure immersed in traditional culture.


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