Momoume (2021)

Momoume (2021)

A short animation that depicts various “always” . When producer Shinnosuke Uchida joined Cubic as a video creative, there was no department to make videos and animations, but because Uchida’s strengths seemed to live, video production started, and animation production proceeded as it was . Before the production of “Momoume”, Uchida requested some videos of advertising projects, and then in 2018 “Momoume (Pharmacist Edition)” was born as a promotion of the career change media of pharmacists that is being developed in Cubic. Since then, through the story “Various Occupations” in various occupations, it continues to the present . Regarding the reason why the two decided to challenge various professions, Uchida said, “I wanted to solve more work problems. I wanted to energize not only pharmacists but also everyone in various professions.” . In “Various Occupations”, interviews are conducted with people in the occupations used as the subject .

From 2019, the distribution of “OL Edition” set in the company where newcomer OL Momo and veteran OL Ume work will start . Regarding the reason for using OL as a theme, director Kazumasa Nakamichi said, “Although OL has never experienced it, I understand the difficulty of the position and organization of my boss because I run a company (Fanimubi). “There is a possibility that you can find insights in the company, and if so, you should be able to draw a story that you can sympathize with!” .

On June 30, 2021, the first Blu-ray & CD in the series “Today Again, the hot water supply room is amazing w” was released .

The office will be “remodeled” on July 1, 2021, and the “OL edition” will be closed once, and a new chapter will start “after the remodeling is completed”. At the same time, a new series “School Edition” will be produced . “Gakuen Hen” has deepened the world view in three years, and there is a growing voice that wants to know more about the two main characters, and “JK Hen” that was once distributed on TikTok was popular. , The one that started in earnest .

As of July 2021, the cumulative number of views has exceeded 100 million, the number of YouTube channel subscribers has exceeded 490,000, and the number of TikTok followers has exceeded 360,000 .

From August 2021, FUNNYMOVIE Co., Ltd. left the production, and the director, screenplay, and voice actor were changed .

Drama: Momoume
Native Title: モモウメ
Also Known As:
Genres: Comedy, Life
Country: Japan
Episodes: 40
Aired: Sep 10, 2021 – Nov 12, 2021
Aired On: Friday
Original Network: Hulu, NTV
Duration: 10 min.


Ito Sairi,Eguchi Noriko,Minagawa Sarutoki,Ito Asako,Sayashi Riho,Aoyama Megu


Cumulative YouTube views exceed 100 million times! Born in 2019 as “Pharmacist Momo and Ume”, “Office Edition” will start in 2021. A live-action drama of a short animation from a super popular SNS! Rookie office lady Momo-chan (Sairi Ito) and veteran office lady Ume-san (Noriko Eguchi) are good friends of different generations. Ume-san accepts Momo-chan, who is doing her best in everything, but is slightly out of alignment, with her unfathomable love and tsukkomi. “I have a job” such as complaints and dissatisfaction that unfolds in the office is changed to “laughter” and “love” and drawn loosely. It is a “prescription drama of the heart” that is familiar, bright, fun, and light.


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