Modern Dynasty (2022)

Modern Dynasty (2022)

“Family Glory” is jointly produced by Youku Video and Media Asia, directed by Hong Jinpo , Cai Jingsheng , Zeng Minshan, and starring Zhang Zhilin , Yang Qianyao , Li Caihua , Luo Ziyi , Xiong Dailin , Huang Haoran , Liang Jingqi , Guo Zhenghong , Ai Wei , etc. drama . It will be broadcast on Youku on January 4, 2022 .
The play tells the family story of ups and downs and sharing weal and woe among the three generations of the Ma family.

Drama: Modern Dynasty
Native Title: 家族荣耀
Also Known As:
Genres: Drama
Country: Hong Kong
Episodes: 30
Aired: Jan 4, 2022 – Jan 26, 2022
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Original Network: TVB Jade , Youku
Duration: 45 min.

Main cast:

Julian Cheung,Tavia Yeung,Rain Lee,Him Law,Lynn Hung,Raymond Wong


“Sister Flowers” Zhen Xin ( played by Yang Qianyao ) and Jia Luoyi ( played by Li Caihua ) married into the 100-year-old chaebol Ma family on the same day. Their husbands were Ma Yaozu, the second son of the Ma family, and Ma Yaotang, the third son of the Ma family. For many years, a good girlfriend has become a concubine, and the wealthy event has attracted widespread attention. On the wedding day, the family members appeared one by one. While they were having a good time, the elder sister-in-law Ye Caiwei ( played by Xiong Dailin ) gave Zhen Xin a disgrace on the grounds that the precious bracelet was stolen. On the other hand, the three Ma brothers ushered in a greater crisis: the Independent Commission Against Corruption suddenly visited and took away the three suspected of commercial bribery for investigation. The Ma family experienced both joys and sorrows in one day. The current family members of the storm have their own calculations, and the dispute over Ma’s power and desire has intensified

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