Miss the Dragon Special (2021)

Miss the Dragon Special (2021)

Yulong” is a costume fantasy romance drama jointly produced by Penguin Films and Canling Films , directed by Min Guohui , starring Wang Hedi and Zhu Xudan, Deng Wei , Pan Meiye , Zhu Zanjin , Dai Wenwen , Zhan Yu , Yang Zhiying, etc . The play will be broadcast on Tencent Video on May 10, 2021 .
The play is adapted from the orange light game , telling the love story of the Dragon King and the little maid Liu Ying Sansheng III

Special: Miss the Dragon Special
Native Title: 遇龙
Also Known As: Yu Long , Yu Lung
Director: Min Guo Hui
Genres: Historical, Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy
Country: China
Episodes: 1
Aired: May 31, 2021
Duration: 6 min.


Dylan Wang,Zhu Xu Dan,Jiang Hao


Liu Ying ( played by Zhu Xudan ) is a cute little maid next to Miss Xia Houxue . She accidentally rescued a snake for her. Unexpectedly, the little snake turned into a thousand-year-old dragon demon. The dragon king Yuchi Longyan ( Wang Hedi) Jewelry) claims that in order to repay the grace of saving his life, he has to promise himself. Xiahouxue was accidentally injured by the wolf demon and died.

The Dragon King came to Luofeng Pavilion to retrieve Xiahouxue’s soul because of Liu Ying’s request. Xue Qianxun told him unless he protected Xiahouxue III in the name of repayment. At this time, the Dragon King learned that Liu Ying had made a blood oath to die with Xia Houxue, so once Xia Houxue died, Luo Fengge would be able to take away Liu Ying’s extremely yin soul to seal Skynet.

The Dragon King is unwilling to let his life and soul be sealed in Skynet forever, so he can only give up the opportunity to wait for thousands of years to become a true dragon and protect Xiahouxue III. But after seeing Liu Ying marrying as another wife, the Dragon King really tasted the pain of love and lovesickness for the first time.

In order to be able to accompany Liu Ying in the next three generations, the Dragon King endured the severe pain to pull off the scales under his neck and attach to the person appointed by Xiahou Xue, so that the heavens would not know the crime of the Dragon King not keeping his promise.

Among the three generations, the Dragon King was obsessively guarding Liu Ying’s reincarnation, shielding her from all dangers, and looking forward to finally marrying Liu Ying after the third generation, but he did not expect that this was all in a century-old conspiracy plan


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