Miss Jikocho (2019)

Miss Jikocho, Miss Jikocho: Survey File of Genius and Professor Tenno, Misu Jikocho: Tensai Ten no Kyoju no Chosa Fairu, Señorita Jikocho (Título nativo: ミス・ジコチョー〜天才・天ノ教授の調査ファイル〜), Drama de Japón.

Drama: Miss Jikocho
Native Title: ミス・ジコチョー〜天才・天ノ教授の調査ファイル〜
Also Known As: Miss Zicocho – Survey File of Genius and Professor Tenno , Miss Jikocho – Survey File of Genius and Professor Tenno
Screenwriter: Yatsu Hiroyuki, Tokuo Koji
Director: Ietsugu Isao
Genres: Drama
Country: Japan
Episodes: 10
Aired: Oct 18, 2019 – Dec 20, 2019
Aired On: Friday
Original Network: NHK
Duration: 49 min.
Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Main Cast:

Matsuyuki Yasuko (1972) as Tenno Manako
Horii Arata (1992) as Nozu Tabuchi
Sudo Laughter (1976) as Tsujitome Shiho
Takahashi Maryjun (1987) as Nishimine Amami
Yo Kimiko (余貴美子 1956) as Tenno Kisatogo
Terawaki Yasufumi (1972) as Moriyasu

Guest actors:

Masu Takeshi (1955) as Masubuchi (ep1)
Makita Sports (1970) as Aosetsu (ep1)
Takuma Takayuki (1970) as Katayama (ep2)
Shimada Kyusaku (1955) as Ejima (ep2)
Tomokawa Kazuki (1950) as Kifune (ep2)
Chiba Tetsuya (1963) as Kuroshima (ep3)
Tayama Ryosei (田山-涼成 1951) as Kaisaki (ep5-6)
Nomaguchi Tooru (1973) as Sengoku (ep5-6)
Yamanaka So (1972) as Shina (ep5-6)
Nakamura Yasuhi (1972) as Enami (ep5-6)
Mizuhashi Kenji (1975) as Wakabayashi (ep7)
Ichikawa Yui (1986) as Tokura (ep7)


Tenno Manako is an engineering professor at a leading university and has been studying “failure studies”. Instead of looking for responsibility for failure, it is a study that helps prevent and recur by investigating the direct causes and the antecedents and social causes.
The various accidents that happen every day are always a failure, and accident investigation is Manako’s best fieldwork. His activities go beyond engineering and extend with curiosity, such as corporate fraud and medical accidents. The personality is self-taught, selfish. He loves failure with the belief that “growth/progress will always be accompanied by failure” and frustrates the other party into shining on the story of failure. However, the genius with a built-in east and west crash database in the brain, Manako gets to the truth of the accident today!

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