Mirai Seiki Shibuya (2021)

Mirai Seiki Shibuya (2021)

Drama: Mirai Seiki Shibuya
Native Title: 未来世紀SHIBUYA
Also Known As: Future Century Shibuya
Screenwriter & Director: Shiraishi Koji
Screenwriter: Hosaka Daisuke
Genres: Sci-Fi
Country: Japan
Episodes: 6
Aired: Nov 26, 2021
Aired On: Friday
Original Network: Hulu
Duration: 30 min.

Main cast:

Kaneko Daichi,Daigo Kotaro,Shinohara Yushin,Hina,Fujimori Shingo,Uno Shohei


The story is set in Shibuya in 2036. Mitsuru and Kakeru, who grew up as orphans in the back Shibuya that became slums due to widening disparities, acted as video distributor WeTuber and dreamed of a big reversal from the bottom of life.

One day, they encounter a suspicious “Uncle Mannequin” who holds a female mannequin and shouts a mysterious code-like word. We will deepen the exchange for fun, but uncle mannequin will be in trouble during the live distribution …. With this as a trigger, the two will be involved in a mysterious incident.


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