Mikkoku wa Utau (2021)

Mikkoku wa Utau (2021)

Drama: Mikkoku wa Utau
Native Title: 密告はうたう
Also Known As: Sing a Secret Notice , みっこくはうたう , 密告はうたう 警視庁監察ファイル , Mikkoku wa Utau Keishicho Kansatsu Fairu , Secret Notice Hautau Police Agency
Screenwriter: Suzuki Kenichi
Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Drama
Country: Japan
Episodes: 6
Aired: Aug 22, 2021 – Sep 26, 2021
Aired On: Sunday
Original Network: WOWOW
Duration: 60 min.




 Gentaro Igane’s masterpiece police mystery, starring Masahiro Matsuoka, has been made into a serial drama, “Serial Drama W. Hit maker who worked on “Serial Drama W Rogue ~ Perpetrator Follow-up Investigation ~”, “Serial Drama W Iary Invisible Face”, movie “Stolen Identity”, “Suicide Forest Village”, “Silent Tokyo”, etc. The sound that approaches like a warning bell by Takashi Ohmama shakes the instinct for the danger of the viewer and draws it into the world of drama.

 Injustice that moves in the police, which is supposed to be the stronghold of justice. The main character, Masateru Sara, who plays Matsuoka, steps into the dark part of those who wear masks of justice. “The secret notice is singing” that was broadcast until the third episode and reached the turnaround. Now that it’s getting more and more exciting, let’s take a quick look back at up to 3 episodes.

 Sara belongs to the Inspector General of the Personnel Division 1, commonly known as “Jinichi”. An inspector general is a job to crack down on fraud inside an organization. Also known as the “police in the police,” he is a person who wants to smoke inside the police because he conducts a personal investigation of his relatives. Sara was a member of the First Investigation Division, but was transferred to “Jinichi” in the wake of a certain incident in which his junior Saito (Shota Totsuka / ABC-Z) was killed. There, he was ordered by his boss Noma (Toru Nakamura) to confirm the behavior of his former colleague and fiancee of Saito (Rika Izumi). Who was the one who told everyone? Anyone in the police who is supposed to be responsible for cheating, telling, and cracking down on crime is suspicious. I can’t forgive Suga (Tetsuhiro Ikeda), the chief inspector general who decided to form a buddy with Jinichi.

 So far, the first episode. In the second episode, Sasaki (Akira 100%), an information store who is in contact with everyone’s mouth, Ishiguro (Yuichi Kimura), a former group detective who has a connection with antisocial forces, and Uda, a senior detective of Sara. Someone who cares about (Masaki Miura) emerges. Sara doesn’t think Uda, who looks like a serious picture, is suspicious. However, Nohma points out, “What happened around you as a result of believing in people like that?” I can’t believe others, and my legs are shaking. The gekitomo sounds like everything is playing an unstable world. The only thing that makes me feel relieved is Shinho (Brother Tom) from the Ikebukuro West Office. She feels like she has a decent sense, and she is working hard on the investigation. Shinho was still following an unsolved murder case involving Sara and Minaguchi.


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