Men to Senjin no Heiko Sekai (2021)

Men to Senjin no Heiko Sekai (2021)

Drama: Men to Senjin no Heiko Sekai
Native Title: 麺と千尋の並行世界
Also Known As: Parallel World of Noodles and Chihiro
Genres: Sci-Fi, Fantasy
Country: Japan
Episodes: 4
Aired: May 27, 2021 – Jun 10, 2021
Aired On: Thursday
Duration: 10 min.


Maeda Atsuko,Tsukamoto Takashi,Saito Tsukasa


Marugame Seimen started distributing the company’s first YouTube drama “Noodles and Chihiro’s Parallel World” on its official website on May 27th. The first and second episodes are delivered on the 27th of the first day, the third episode is delivered on June 3rd of the following week, and the fourth episode is delivered on June 10th.

This work is a job drama based on the “Food Ippuri! Grand Prix!” Held in February as the first project of the company’s “Udon de Japan Energizing Project”. “Food Ippuri! Grand Prix!” Is to discover the “best food Ippuri” that is open to the public for videos of eating freshly made udon noodles from Marugame Seimen from February 4th to March 12th. Audition to do. Kokoro Nishiyama, an active high school student living in Tottori Prefecture, was selected for the first Grand Prix, and made a wonderful appearance in the company’s commercial.

The YouTube drama delivered this time was a new challenge for Marugame Seimen, who has always been working on new things, says Yusuke Kiuchi, Innovation Design Department, Media Business Development Bureau, Tokyu Agency Media Headquarters, who was in charge of planning. The purpose of producing this drama is to improve the popularity of Marugame Seimen for the layers that could not be moved by the TV commercial of Marugame Seimen. Therefore, it is said that YouTube was daringly selected as the communication style instead of the conventional mass media centered on TV commercials.

“We communicated movie-quality content through a drama-style story with the production team who usually make movies. By distributing it on YouTube instead of TV commercials, we can communicate deeply that we could not do before. I think we were able to do it, “says Kiuchi.

The director is Yoshikatsu Kimura, who has gained experience in the movie world, the script is Atsushi Asada, who was a constituent writer for TV programs, and the editing is finished by the creator group UUUM to which YouTuber belongs, crossing the boundaries of the industry. Created a new visual expression by the production team. Takaya Kawasaki, a singer-songwriter, wrote two songs to add depth to the video.


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