Melting Me Softly (2019)

Melting Me Softly , Melting Me Softly , Nal Nogyeojuo , Please Melt Me (Native Title: 날 녹여주오 ), South Korean Drama .

Drama: Melting Me Softly
Native Title: 날 녹여주오
Also Known As: Make me melt , Let Me Melt , Please Melt Me , Melt Me , 날 녹여주 , Nal Nokyeojweo , Melting Me , 날 녹여줘 , Nal Nogyujo , Nal Nokyeojuo
Director: Shin Woo Cheol
Screenwriter: Baek Mi Kyung
Genres: Mystery, Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Aired: Sep 28, 2019 – Nov 17, 2019
Aired On: Saturday, Sunday
Original Network: tvN
Duration: 1 hr. 5 min.
Content Rating: 15+ – Teens 15 or older


It tells the story of a man and a woman who take part in a 24-hour human cryogenic freezing project in the year 1999, only to wake up 20 years later in 2019 due to a mysterious scheme.

Ma Dong Chan (Ji Chang Wook) is a very prosperous 32-year-old entertainment PD, with a lot of popularity and sky-high ratings, in his search for original shows he decides to agree to be frozen for 24 hours in a human cryogenics experiment. Go Mi Ran is a 24-year-old university student, she has participated in Dong Chang’s programs, that’s why she is asked to participate in the human cryogenics experiment, at first she does not accept the absurd idea that they propose, but when they explain to her that in in the future people with medical problems will be able to be frozen, in order to heal them in the future, he gives him a second chance thinking about his disabled brother, in the end he agrees to be part of the experiment.

Dong Chang and Mi Ran wake up 20 years later in a totally different world and with their family that has evolved and they are still at the same stage of life. How will Dong Chang and Mi Ran be able to adapt to this new world? and Is everything okay with their bodies? Will it be possible for them to live a normal life, work and raise a family despite having lost 20 years of their lives?

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