Master, Wait a Moment (2021)

Master, Wait a Moment (2021)

“Double Detective” is directed by Zhao Tianyu and Wang Taotao , starring Lin Yushen , Liu Yitong , Luo Yutong , and Long Zhengxuan , starring Dan Lin and Donnie Yen , and a light comedy of criminal investigation starring Liu Yijun and Fan Lei .

The play tells the story of Wang Dayu, an optimistic and cheerful rookie police officer, and Xu Wushuang, the deputy captain of the criminal police team, who is cold outside and hot inside .

The play will be broadcast on Mango TV on September 7, 2021

Drama: Master, Wait a Moment
Native Title: 双面神探
Also Known As: Detective A & B , Double-faced Detective , Double Detective , Shuang Mian Shen Tan , 雙面神探
Director: Huang Yuanda, Zhao Tian Yu
Genres: Friendship, Thriller, Mystery, Comedy
Country: China
Episodes: 26
Aired: Sep 7, 2021 – Oct 6, 2021
Aired On: Tuesday, Wednesday
Original Network: Mango TV
Duration: 45 min.




Xu Wushuang, the deputy captain of the criminal investigation team, met Wang Dayu, a rookie police officer who was undercover inside the criminal gang, for the first time in an operation to destroy the den of a pyramid scheme. The two should have said goodbye, but they reunited in the police force by chance. Captain Xu Wushuang was indifferent to Wang Dayu who suddenly came to the police station to report, while Wang Dayu, who was hot-blooded and sunny, was immersed in the joy of the newcomer. among. The two police officers had very different personalities and could not get along well. However, after Wang Dayu saw Xu Wushuang’s outstanding case handling capabilities, he immediately decided to take Xu Wushuang as his teacher. And under the arrangement of the organization, they formed a pair of master and apprentice partners to embark on an unknown journey of investigation together


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