Master in the House Malaysia (2022)

TV3’s latest program, Master In The House Malaysia is a collaboration between Primeworks Studios and SBS Korea which will start meeting TV3 viewers from 15 January 2022, every Saturday, at 10.00 pm. Will air for 10 episodes, five popular Malaysian celebrities namely Hael Husaini, Scha Elinnea, Sharifah Rose, Andi Bernadee and Meyrasam (CASSIA group) will study with 8 respected ‘Masters’ from Korea and Malaysia.

In each episode, Hael Husaini, Scha Elinnea, Sharifah Rose, Andi Bernadee and Meyrasam will be introduced to a respected ‘Master’ in the industry he ventures into. Without knowing who the ‘Master’ was first, they were given the challenge to complete the tasks mandated by the Master within two days and one night.

Master In The House Malaysia (MITH) features two Korean Masters and six Malaysian Masters who have expertise and credibility from a variety of fields. Son Sung Deuk, the choreographer who created the BTS K-Pop Idol phenomenon especially the ‘Butter’ choreography which is in full swing among the Army. He is a director of HYBE Performance who has often won prestigious awards in Korea and has started working with BTS since the group was introduced. BamBam, the K-pop Idol who made a name for himself through the group Got7 since 2014. He is a hugely talented rapper, singer and songwriter and often produces songs that hit the song charts.

Barisan Master from Malaysia is Datuk Yusof Haslam, a producer, director, screenwriter and authoritative actor, Dato ‘Sri Siti Nurhaliza, famous singer in Malaysia, Datuk Rashid Sidek, national badminton legend, Sherson Lian, celebrity chef and Malaysian television host, and Usamah Zaid, founder and Managing Director of his own animation company, WAU Animation and creator and director of the animation series Agent Ali.

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