Prik Gub Klur (2021)

Marvelous Women (2021)

Drama: Marvelous Women
Native Title: 当家主母
Also Known As: The Matriarch , Dang Jia Zhu Mu , 當家主母
Director: Guo Hao, Wang Xiao Ming
Genres: Historical, Business, Life, Drama
Country: China
Episodes: 35
Aired: Nov 8, 2021 – Nov 29, 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Original Network: iQiyi, Tencent Video, Youku
Duration: 45 min.


Jiang Qin Qin,Zhang Hui Wen,Yang Rong,Mao Zi Jun,Xu Hai Qiao,Li Yi Nan


The Suzhou government is the leader of the hereditary Suzhou weaving line, and has the ancestral secret skills of kesi. The head of the family, Xuetang, never intervenes in the family business, and only loves to study poetry, calligraphy, calligraphy and painting. Mrs. Ren, Shen Cuixi, is not only good at embroidery, but also good at business management. She is the real head of the Ren family. Ren and Shen have been married for many years, but Ren Xuetang never forgets his former lover Zeng Baoqin. Shen Cuixi silently shouldered the important task of saving the Ren family. Fortunately, Zeng Baoqin helped her. After experiencing thousands of setbacks, she finally cleared her grievances and returned to the peace of the past.


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