Mama Gogo (2022)

Mama Gogo (2022)

Drama: Mama Gogo
Native Title: แม่มาคุม…หนุ่มบาร์ร้อน
Also Known As:
Director: Jojo Tichakorn Phukhaotong
Genres: Business, Comedy, Drama
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 0
Aired: 2022 – ?
Original Network: GMM 25

Main cast:

Cris Horwang️,Pookie Paweenut Pangnakorn


The story of Chris Horwang, a famous girl group, but underwhelmed, having to sell clothes at the rental stalls Plus, there’s a daughter who doesn’t do anything every day. Mother but asks for money But today, fate is on her side. When she suddenly inherited from her family, Barhos, but luck came with misfortune as the Barhos she acquired was ruined. She had to rebuild, find good-looking, well-muscled guys to practice her skills, body language, and language. Her bar hostess had to speak 3 languages: Thai, English and Chinese. with rose petals She must meet a handsome local mafia godfather. and also having to have a headache with a partner messy story how will it be Waiting to follow in the series Mama gogo. Mother came to control … hot bar boy.

Continuing with the series, Spicy Taste, starring Chris Horwang, Lee Thanap, Luke Ichikawa, Mike Chinnarat, Earth Phiraphat, Pod Supakorn, Drake Sattabut, Guy. Siwakorn, Kansamai Chanakan, Toptap Jirakit, Circe Apichaya, Gigi Chananphat, directed by Jo-Tichakon Phukhaothong


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