Maid Escort (2021)

Maid Escort (2021)

“I Can’t Use This Girl” is an ancient costume sweet pet drama directed by Ma Chengcheng and co- starring Zheng Qiuhong , Wang Runze , Shao Xingying , and Lin Fengsong. It will be broadcast on iQIYI on May 26, 2021 .
The play is adapted from iQIYI Literature’s “Yunteng Project” IP novel ” I Can’t Use This Maid “, which tells the story of Yue Ziyuan and Yang Xiaoyi growing up together and harvesting love and career

Drama: Maid Escort
Native Title: 这丫环我用不起
Also Known As: Zhe Ya Huan Wo Yong Bu Qi , I Can’t Use This Maid , 这个丫环我是用不起了 , I Can’t Afford a Maid!
Genres: Historical, Mystery, Comedy, Romance
Country: China
Episodes: 24
Aired: May 26, 2021
Aired On: Wednesday
Original Network: iQiyi
Duration: 35 min.


Jade Cheng,Wang Run Ze,Lin Feng Song,Ren Yin Song,Ma Qian Qian,Li Wei Long


The eldest Miss of Escort of God, Yue Ziyuan, and Yue Ziyuan ( played by Zheng Qiuhong ) help Miss Bai’s family, Bai Yinruo ( played by Shao Xingying ) , to marry Yang Xiao ( played by Wang Runze ) , but accidentally fell in love with the young lady’s fiance, Yang Xiao. The two work together to investigate their parents The truth about the murder of the year, the restoration of the return-yue trade route, and the creation of a very colorful and sweet legendary growth story .


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