Mahou Bishoujo Senshi Fontaine (2021)

Mahou Bishoujo Senshi Fontaine (2021)

 In December, when 2021 was about to end, I discovered a shocking image. This shock may be the same as when I learned about the existence of the heroine action movie “Jossy’s” starring Yuichi Fukuda and Mirei Kiritani (Kasumi Arimura, Mitsuki Takahata, Mizuki Yamamoto, etc.). .. This is the video! !!

Drama: Mahou Bishoujo Senshi Fontaine
Native Title: 魔法美少女戦士フォンテーヌ
Also Known As: Beautiful Witch Girl Fontaine , Pretty Magical Girl Warrior Fontaine
Country: Japan
Episodes: 4
Aired: Dec 3, 2021 – Dec 24, 2021
Aired On: Friday
Duration: 15 min.

MAIN CAST not yet:


 And what attracted me even more when I saw this time was the small stories that can be seen throughout the story, which seem to be a straight homage to the Toei special effects drama. Since it is delivered from 19:30 every time, there is a place to put out “7: XX” in the upper left of the screen, or a telop, eye, “When watching TV, please brighten the room!” A lie or a true one that appears with the catch, or a commercial for a related product. I was very impressed with the “playfulness” that made me think that it was really airing on the early Sunday morning of the tele-morning (; ^ _ ^ A. I put a small “Fuji Film” logo on the telop, put an eye catch on it, and after the story ends, I put out a telop such as “This story is fiction”, so I strongly sympathized with this small story ( ; ^ _ ^ A

 By the way, although I was certainly looking forward to GIGA’s “non-adult heroine swashbuckler”, when I actually saw it, I was honestly enthusiastic about its high quality. Moreover, the staff is assigned the usual GIGA directors, and they say, “I usually do only adults, but if we get serious, we can take pictures comparable to Toei special effects!” I can feel the spirit. On the other hand, even though it is a GIGA orthodox heroine swashbuckler that has been long-awaited, if many works of this kind appear on the market, a strong business enemy will appear in the “Showa-style heroine swashbuckler” market that we have continued as a “niche industry”. It may be that (; ^ _ ^ A) Actually, it seems that the production cost of this “Magic Bishoujo Senshi Fontaine” is higher than ever.


 GIGA is a production company specializing in “heroines” that continues to draw in the adult category while using the special effects heroine from the Showa era to the early Heisei era as a motif. “Magic Bishoujo Senshi Fontaine”, which is also the signboard series of GIGA, is produced and released as a non-adult pure heroine swashbuckler (that is the glue of the live-action version “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon”)! !! Moreover, in the form of free delivery to youtube! !! (゚ Д ゚;) This is a kind of “incident”! !!

 As I mentioned earlier in this blog, this “Fontaine” is a character that made the heroine stand out in “Bishoujo Kamen Poitrin” and “Bishoujo Senrei Mai Panchane Wife is a Super Heroine!” However, the reason why such a heroine, Fontaine, was brutally harassed was GIGA’s GIGA, so it wasn’t very much, but it wasn’t something that could be introduced in detail and depictions in this blog. The thought is not limited to this Fontaine, but the heroine of GIGA has an unending desire, “I wonder if I can somehow shoot a normal heroine swashbuckler” because the standing and action scenes are solid due to the appearance of the main character. rice field. But this time, it has become a reality! “It’s a mystery! (What a happy thing!)”

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